A boy who commits suicide with a pistol Sending documents for suspected violation of the gun sword Law Where the acquisition source was not specified 15:15 on July 31

A 15-year-old high school student who committed suicide using a pistol in Hachioji, Tokyo, sent a document on the 31st for suspecting violation of the gun sword law. The source of the pistol has not been specified yet.

On the 8th of last month, in a house in Hachioji, Tokyo, a 15-year-old high school boy living in this house committed suicide using an American-made rotary pistol.

A total of 69 live ammunition and cleaning tools such as brushes were found in the room, and the Metropolitan Police Department sent documents on the 31st for suspecting violation of the gun sword law with real pistols and live ammunition.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, as a result of examining the history of smartphones and tablet terminals, there was no evidence of access to so-called "dark sites".

Furthermore, the DNA and fingerprints of non-high school students were not detected from the pistols, etc., so the source of acquisition has not been determined.

The Metropolitan Police Department will continue to investigate the acquisition route.