Plowing 1 mu of land in 20 minutes, planting 5 to 7 mu of seedlings in 1 hour, harvesting nearly 20 mu of rice in a day... How strong is the "Agricultural Machinery Corps"? On July 30, in Chenzhou, Hunan, the 2020 Hunan Province Rice Production Whole Mechanization Technology Promotion "Field Day" event was held in Anren County, a large grain production county in Hunan. More than 200 sets of machines for water, land and air combat, rice field mechanical farming, rice planting, plant protection, harvesting, straw collection and bundling, straw crushing and returning to the field, rice mechanized drying and other full-chain mechanized operations, the whole process shows "one rice seedling to one "Rice" mechanized operation site. (Reporter Lu Yi edited Guo Shihao)

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