Explosion in Fukushima Koriyama Damage to a shrine 520 meters away from the site July 30 19:17

The explosion accident at a restaurant in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture revealed that multiple windows were broken even at a shrine building about 520 meters away from the site. Experts analyze that "a gas explosion would have filled the building with a considerable amount."

An explosion accident at the Shabu-Shabu Onna Koriyama Shin Sakura Dori restaurant, a 2-chome restaurant in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, caused damage such as broken windows on the surrounding houses and buildings.

When I interviewed how much damage was caused by the explosion, I found that several windows were broken even in a part of the building of "Kaiseiyama Daijingu" about 520 meters east of the site.

Furthermore, the damage caused by the explosion is wide-ranging, and even if you can confirm it by interviewing,
▽ It is a store about 320 meters away in the north direction,
▽ A company office about 290 meters away in the west direction,
▽ South At the pharmacy, which was about 230 meters away, there were damages such as window glass and glass doors breaking.

Regarding the reason why the explosion was so large, Prof. Atsumi Miyake of Yokohama National University Graduate School, who is familiar with the explosion phenomenon, said, "If it was a gas explosion, it seems that the building was filled with a considerable amount. It is easy to ignite, and the energy is high, so the power of the explosion may have increased.”