Three men of Cameroon nationality arrested Suspected of stealing a truck Saitama Nagatoro-cho July 29, 11:51

In Nagatoro-cho, Saitama prefecture, three Cameroonian men were arrested for stealing a truck, and the police repeatedly stole the car and brought it to a car dismantling facility called a "yard", and it seems that they were involved in the export of parts. We are working to clarify the actual situation.

Three were arrested, all of whom came from Cameroon, including Wehetun Albert (38) and Paul Lebaga Donjenka (47).

According to a person involved in the investigation, the three people were suspected of stealing a truck that had been parked in an open space in Nagatoro-cho, Saitama prefecture this April.

The Saitama Prefectural Police searched for a car dismantling facility called "yard" in Ibaraki Prefecture, which is believed to have brought in trucks from the morning of the 29th.

The police are stealing at least 20 trucks and bringing them to the "yard", and it is believed that they were involved in the export of parts and are trying to clarify the reality.

Since there were a number of cases where the “yard” was misused for exporting stolen cars, etc., in Saitama Prefecture, the ordinance requiring notification of the representative's name etc. came into effect this month, and the police will continue to enforce crackdowns.