[Concurrent] Du Hai, the tour coach of a fitness club in Xi'an

  Hi, everyone, I’m Du Hai and I’m very happy to meet you here. I am no different from others, I just learned to fly before others.

  [Explanation] Du Hai, 28 years old this year, is a disabled person who has lost both legs. Although he cannot jump freely like ordinary people, but with the strength of reluctance to admit defeat and years of exercise, Du Hai can now use two benches. "Legs" alternately move forward, and you can even "run" on a treadmill for ten minutes. To be a qualified fitness coach and successful speaker is his life goal.

  When the reporter came to a fitness club in Xi'an on July 28, Du Hai was warming up. Horizontal bars, push-ups, bench presses, etc. are Du Hai’s daily training items. Unlike ordinary people, Du Hai does not have two legs. When doing these exercises, Du Hai needs to tie his abdomen to fix his body to ensure that his spine is not damaged.

  Du Hai told reporters that his hometown is in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. Due to physical and family reasons, he entered the "swim lane" after graduating from junior high school and became a disabled swimmer.

  [Concurrent] Du Hai, the tour coach of a fitness club in Xi'an

  In the middle, I also experienced countless ridicules by others, but I did not give up. I wanted to stand up bravely. I learned to swim and won the city championship and swimming championship in our city in the competition.

  [Explanation] Despite gaining confidence and success in swimming, Du Hai is still not satisfied. At the age of 28, he chose to leave the familiar swimming pool and start a new life journey in a strange city.

  Yang Ziluo, who runs a fitness club in Xi’an, is Du Hai’s leader in the speech industry. With her help, Du Hai came to Xi’an in June this year. While continuing to exercise, he participated in some speech training classes and studied systematically. How to speak.

  [Concurrent] Yang Ziluo, head of a fitness club in Xi'an

  Before, his speech ability, including his speech, had some stuttering, including the phenomenon of big tongue. Recently, it has improved a lot. My expectation for him in the future is to be able to enter major universities and give lectures and speeches for some young people. Show your own story, and your own mentality, positive and healthy, and bring positive energy to more people. 

  [Explanation] Du Hai said that although he lost his legs, he did not give up the right to run. He firmly believes that as long as there is light in his heart, he will not be afraid of the darkness on the road of life.

  Zhao Xiaoyan, an intern from the party field, reports from Xi'an

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]