[Explanation] On July 24, 7-year-old Caijie from Dari County, Guoluo Prefecture, Qinghai Province, was in the ward of Xining Aier Eye Hospital in Qinghai Province, waiting for an operation that would make him see "bright" again. Caijie is now basically blind because of congenital cataracts and amblyopia. Coupled with family poverty, eye diseases have been dragged to school age.

  [Concurrent] Caijie Grandpa Nisai

  From the age of 1 to 2 years old, his eyes have not been opened, can not open, we told him to open and open, he could not help, until now is 6 years old, this year there is this project, let him Put it inside. Disability project. It’s free to get here.

  [Explanation] The talented grandfather Nisai said that my grandson did not meet the conditions of the "Charity Bright Action" project, but the Qinghai Disabled Persons’ Federation and the special affairs office of the hospital included my grandson and performed free surgery and treatment. In the future, he can enroll and receive education. Our whole family is very happy and grateful.

  [Concurrent] Caijie Grandpa Nisai

  It must be happy, not to mention that you cured him, our whole family is happy, happiest, and most assured. Originally, if he couldn't see his eyes, there was no way to go to school. After healed, he could go to school, so he was very happy.

  [Concurrent] Chen Ting, Director of Qingbai Department, Xining Aier Eye Hospital

  Like this time the child is hospitalized, we will give him a great reduction in examinations, bed fees and surgery, because the child is indeed very poor and the family conditions are not good. If this eye is not saved, he will be invisible in his life. Yes, and the cataract will get heavier and heavier, and other complications may occur in the later period. Therefore, we should give him cataracts as the first step, and then give him amblyopia training in the second step. We will continue to pay attention to the child in the later period. .

  [Explanation] Chen Ting said that Qinghai’s high altitude, heavy sandstorms, and strong cold and hypoxic ultraviolet rays are an area with a high incidence of eye diseases, and the relatively backward economy has caused many people to have no money for treatment. Since 2016, Xining Aier Eye Hospital has carried out the "Charity and Bright Action" activities for disabled children aged 0-7 and patients who have paid medical insurance for urban and rural residents across the province, and nearly 8,000 people have received assistance.

  [Concurrent] Guan Ming, a resident of Chengguan Town, Huangyuan County

  This event is just good. I have given the elderly a visual check, and learned about the eye condition for myself. There are projects to help the poor and they have received good treatment.

  [Concurrent] Shi Guocai, a resident of Chengguan Town, Huangyuan County

  There has been no such activity before, which is particularly good for rural people and the people especially support it.

  [Explanation] It is understood that since the implementation of the "Bright Poverty Alleviation Project" in Qinghai Province, a number of policies have been implemented for people with eye diseases such as poor households, the disabled, adolescents, and the elderly, through the development of health and poverty alleviation work. Project implementation, large-scale free consultations, expert consultations, and health knowledge lectures have enabled the registered poor households and elderly groups to listen to health knowledge at their doorsteps, enjoy free eye screening and hospitalization, and enable more poor people to have their eyesight restored. Patients with various eye diseases are effectively controlled and treated.

  (Reported by reporter Zhang Kun from Xining, Qinghai)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】