China News Service, July 24. According to the official Weibo news of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, combined with the reduction of the emergency response level of Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control from level two to level three, the transportation industry will simultaneously make four adjustments. Adjust the public transportation full load rate control index, the ground bus full load rate will be increased from 90% to 100%, and the rail transit full load rate will be increased from 80% to 100%. Gradually resume passenger transportation services such as inter-city ground public transport, inter-provincial long-distance, tourist chartered vehicles, and taxi operations out of Beijing that start and end in low-risk areas.

Bus and subway full load rate

Increase from 90% and 80% to 100% respectively

  Since the city’s second-level response, the municipal transportation department has coordinated bus and subway operating companies to strictly implement epidemic prevention measures, increased capacity allocation, adjusted travel demand, strengthened passenger flow guidance, improved transportation organization, and strictly controlled bus and subway full load rates at 90 % And less than 80%, effectively reducing the gathering of passengers and ensuring the safety of public transportation.

  With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation in this city, in order to reduce the inconvenience caused to passenger travel due to the control of the full load rate, and to provide transportation guarantee for the resumption of work and production, the relevant requirements of the city’s emergency response have been adjusted, and the disinfection and ventilation are strictly implemented. Under the premise of prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement and wearing masks, the city's public transportation will resume normal operation and management. The full load rate of ground buses will be increased from 90% to 100%, and the full load rate of rail transit will be increased from 80% to 100%. All public transportation operating companies will strengthen the organization and dispatch of transportation capacity, "full load and no overload." People are reminded that they still need to wear masks when taking ground buses and rail transit.

Gradually recover

Ground bus lines affected by the epidemic

  Since the second level of response, in response to the needs of epidemic control, some bus lines have taken measures such as suspension and interval operations, and passenger travel along the way has been affected to varying degrees.

  Combined with this downgrade, it will be gradually restored:

  1. After the road closures around Xinfadi were lifted, 4 lines, including No. 353, No. 423, No. 483, and No. 497, passing through the vicinity of Xinfadi, have resumed normal operations at 17:00 on July 17.

  2. Gradually restore trans-Beijing-Hebei bus lines. With the approval of relevant Hebei county and city government departments, the operation of four trans-Beijing-Hebei bus lines including 880, 880 express, 898, and 899 have been resumed on July 22. From the first train on July 26 (Sunday), 805 Express (Langfang-Beijing Station East), 812 Road (Yanjiao Metallurgical First Bureau-Bawangfen West), 816 Road (Dachang-Langjiayuan), 819 Road (Zhuge) Store-Metro Lucheng Station), 930 (Sanhe Terminus-Langjiayuan), 828 (Zheshang New Town-Yongdingmen Long-distance Bus Station), 943 (Bazhou Railway Station-Yongdingmen Long-distance Bus Station), Gu'an Special Line ( Gu'an South Station-Subway Tiangongyuan Station), as well as 10 lines running between the 805 lines (Langfang-Tongzhou Beiyuan Intersection West) and 849 (Gu'an West Station-Yongdingmen Long-distance Bus Station) will resume full-line operation. From the first train on July 27 (Monday), the Yanjiao Special Line (Yanjiao Metallurgical First Bureau-Bawangfen East), the intercity shuttle Gaobeidian (Gaobeidian-Liuliqiao East), and the 838 road (flying bridge) operating between Bus station-Zhuozhou Development Zone) 3 lines resume full line operation. In the next step, it will maintain close communication with relevant counties and cities in Hebei Province, and gradually resume the operation of other trans-Beijing-Hebei bus lines after the approval of the local government.

Gradually recover

Inter-provincial long-distance passenger transport and tourist charter business

  On June 13, our city closed the Xinfadi long-distance passenger station, and at the same time, upon the application of the passenger transport operator, all inter-provincial long-distance passenger lines in and out of Beijing were suspended, and the passenger chartered passenger transport business in and out of Beijing was suspended.

  In conjunction with this downgrade, our city will promptly accept applications from inter-provincial passenger transport operators to resume operations in accordance with procedures. Under the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and operational safety, inter-provincial passenger transport lines whose origin and destination are low-risk areas will gradually resume operations in an orderly manner. . At the same time, in accordance with the unified requirements of the city to restore inter-provincial team travel, the inter-provincial tour charter business was restored simultaneously.

  After the resumption of operation, all passenger stations and road passenger transport companies will comprehensively ventilate and disinfect the stations and passenger vehicles, conduct 100% body temperature checks on passengers entering and leaving Beijing, and disinfect vehicles put into operation once per trip. When the outdoor temperature and vehicle speed allow, turn off the air conditioner in the car and open the windows for ventilation.

  Citizens can log on to the "Beijing Interprovincial Passenger Transport Information Network" for the specific time of the resumption of operation of the inter-provincial passenger line, and the departure time and time.


Taxi rides out of Beijing operation business

  Since the second level of response, our city has suspended the operation of taxis (including cruise cars and online car-hailing) and ride-hailing services from Beijing. In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Municipal Leading Group for Prevention and Control of the normalized epidemic prevention and control, the operation of taxis (including cruise cars and online car-hailing) and ride-hailing cars from Beijing will be resumed.