"Is it really going to be a series? And what will be presented in it! Especially since there are terrifying events that do not coincide with a time that goes towards awareness and enlightenment and forgetting a history of blood and killing. I hope that this type of series and the like and what goes on in its astronomy that Stop. "

I published you ((23/7/2020) I followed the reactions of the activists who expressed their refusal to tweet the Saudi journalist by marking “Abdullah Wafi insulting the companions”, and they demanded the Saudi authorities that he should be held accountable, as singers expressed their pride in the history of the companions of the Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him Him.

The researcher, Abd al-Rahman al-Nassar, wrote in his tweet: "The remains of the Houthi gangs that have been torn by the hawks of the Saudi air in Yemen for five years now, do you see them that do not coincide with the time of awareness and enlightenment and must stop! We are waiting for your answer, my slave."

Activist Saleh Ali Al-Saeiri said, "Awareness and enlightenment began in the time when Khalid bin Al-Walid, may God be pleased with him, emerged at the hands of the best of humanity, who established a lasting life method until the Day of Resurrection, a glorious history that hatred and souls cannot deny nor distort. Horrific events and blood made a country that extended east And with the success of Allah’s success, then the will of men.

In turn, academic Abdullah Al-Ghamdi said, "Hollywood is full of Crusades, guillotines, swords, axes, daggers and spears, but ordinary Khawajat."

As for the singer Saeed Al-Faqqar, he wrote, "Such a proposal may be the beginning of preparing for what will be distorted and distorted for the biography of one of the greatest heroes of Islam and one of the greatest leaders of the Islamic conquests, which he called the best of mankind (Saif Allah Al-Musul). The prevailing today is the trading of suspicious parties for targets suspected of Islamic values ​​and symbols. Great. "

Blogger Khaled Al-Sharif wrote, "Khaled bin Al-Walid, may God be pleased with him, a great companion and a sword that God has entrusted to the infidels, he called our messenger ﷺ Saif Allah, and his genius, may God be pleased with him and his military plans, a science taught in military academies, he will not detract from the ability of a person who is insignificant in our time or writers having fun with a pen The security of the punishment offended literature. "