I went out late in the afternoon and looked at the stock chart. Oops, my stock has fallen again. Worry about whether to sell or not was added.

'I think it will fall, so let's sell. When you stop losing, you have to be bold. Well. no. It looks like it will go up. Yes, let's wait a little longer. I'll be late if I go to work tomorrow morning and see the situation and decide again.'

The next morning. As soon as I went to work, the reporter flew. Naturally, it fell out of the bid we thought it would be. When I was in business, I wasn't going to be discouraged because it wasn't easy to fall out of the bid, but this was a bit embarrassing because we were confident that we would not drop out. I started to discuss the cause with the concerned people with a futile mind.

"What's wrong? Conditionally we're better suited. The other company, the first company I hear?"

"I think I shot it from the top. It's not like that..."

"Oh, I'm worried about the company. I think the evaluation scores may have been quite different, but I'm picking the company nonetheless. It's frustrating. Even if the evaluation items are objectified, the human self-intention can always be entered as long as a person does."

"Oh, so AI has to make a judgment like this, so there will be no victims like us.


"Yes. Soon, the AI ​​is coming soon. If you run big data, the judgment will come out immediately."

The discussion of dropping out of bidding ended with this and began to do other things. But I kept feeling missing something. What? What? I finally thought. Wow! My stock. I hurriedly checked the stock price. ruined. It was worse than yesterday afternoon. Sell ​​it yesterday. Ugh... .

After a moment of waking up, I remembered that someone was talking about the'AI trial' at a meeting, and I searched and came up with an article called'Even stocks do better if AI does.' I looked it up again. <150,000 people hire AI asset stewards... In the field of volatility, there are many articles such as> The return of the investment was 9.7%, and the Goldman Sachs ahead of the return on the investment stocks made by native AI. Searching more related articles suggests that most of the jobs we all know in the near future are likely to go to AI, as well as analysts, doctors, lawyers, artists, insurers, sports referees, cooks, and even waiters. I didn't know it, but this is something to watch out for. After seeing the article, I was worried about the question,'What will people really eat in the future?'

According to futurists, many of human jobs will be replaced by AI in the future. Why? The answer is simple. AI works better than humans. However, in fact, the prospect was that AI would not be able to replace human work just a while ago. Human things are simple and repetitive, but most of them require consciousness and subjective experience. Think about it. Without consciousness and experience, how can you decide on bidding prices, buy and sell stocks, make good decisions through trials and make important decisions that divide the life and death of your organization?

However, this is not the case in the future. In Go, which was already considered to be impossible to do without'consciousness and experience', AI became a unique being, and AI that needs'consciousness and experience' does better than humans. In this way, AI continually raised new types of unconscious intelligence, so that many people who thought that humans could do it by acquiring infinite pattern recognition that is the basis of consciousness and more sophisticated algorithms to solve problems logically Things are doing much better than humans.

Man has been pushed by machines in his efforts since the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Now, more than 100 years later, humans are starting to fall behind AI in cognitive ability based on consciousness and subjective experiences. Still, some experts say that humans do much better than non-organic algorithms, and that certain issues will forever be better for humans. But unfortunately, given the pace of recent scientific development, the'eternally' may be only 10 to 20 years ahead.

The future is portrayed in this way, and I also feel a threat. After the corona crisis, the introduction of non-face-to-face work, such as telecommuting, is also rapidly changing the way some companies work. Would such a company need an intermediate manager like me, a person who checks and encourages work in progress, increases employee collaboration, analyzes performance on tasks and devises new projects to suit it? In the short term, if the AI ​​appears near perfection to manage and judge without aberrations, distortions and discrimination without being overwhelmed by negative emotions such as irritation, prejudice, and self-righteousness, as well as having better cognitive ability than a middle-aged manager like me in 10 years or less. You will no longer need to hire.

Because of human independence, I fell into a bid, and because of the unstable cognitive ability of humans, I missed the time to sell stocks, and the imagination about the future era to be replaced by it only raised my anxiety. What should my child do to live in the future? I also became worried. I pondered how to prepare for the future, but my head hurt and became dark.

Suddenly, a computer on my desk and a cell phone in my hand caught my eye. Inwardly,'Are you the one who will eat us later?' At the same time, the opposite thought popped up. 'Uh, but on the one hand because I have you, I'm so happy now. With just one enter, complex calculations are done right away, you can immediately find out what you're wondering about, and you don't have to go to see work, and it even makes me fun.'

I don't know what the future will be like. The gloomy prospect and the rosy prospect are all possibilities. So, as an ordinary office worker, you won't have to be so anxious from now on. As you prepare for the future and live faithfully to the present, you will have a way to live with me and my children as always. Is it too optimistic? Big...

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