Group AOA member Hye-jung shared her first situation after exposing former member Kwon Min-a and withdrawing leader Jimin.

Yesterday (21st) Hyejung posted two photos on her Instagram with long text. He spoke with the end of the tvN drama'(I don't know much), but he is the family'.
Hyejeong said, "I was cautious about writing in difficult times." I will do my best to make more efforts and take care of my surroundings. I hope everyone is happy."

Earlier this month, controversy occurred when former AOA member Kwon Min-a was exposed to leader Jimin for 10 years. As Jimin admitted her fault and left the team, much attention was paid to AOA's future moves, and Hyejung was the first member to disclose the current status.

Fans are sending support to Hyejung, who said indirectly the controversy, "It's a difficult time," "Thank you," "Let's meet each other in a happy way," and "Thank you for leaving good news."

(Source=AOA Hyejung Instagram, tvN'(I don't know much) Family)'