Kyoto Municipal Hospital 5 nurses and 5 inpatients infected Outpatient suspension New Corona July 20 15:59

Kyoto Municipal Hospital announced that it has been confirmed that five nurses and inpatients who work there are newly infected with the new coronavirus. The hospital will stop accepting all outpatient services from the 21st, for the time being, because of the outbreak.

According to the Kyoto Municipal Hospital in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, three new infections were confirmed: three female nurses in their 20s to 40s working in respiratory medicine and 60s and 80s admitted to the same ward. Two male patients in their teens.

Three nurses have no symptoms, and two hospitalized patients have fever symptoms.

At the hospital, another two nurses were confirmed infected on the 17th of this month, bringing the total number of infected persons to 7.

The hospital will stop accepting all outpatient treatments used by approximately 1,000 people per day from the 21st for the time being, assuming that a mass infection has occurred.

Keishi Kuroda, Director of Kyoto City Hospital, said, “I am very disappointed that we have infected people from the hospital as a designated medical infectious disease, and it is regrettable to limit the medical treatment of patients, but we will do our best not to increase the number of infected people. I want to try to contain it."