“I can't regret it even if I regret it,” commented by Haruma Miura's office on July 20, 18:43.

In response to the death of popular actor Haruma Miura on the 18th, the affiliated office posted new comments on the official website and mourned the death of Miura, saying "I can not regret it even if I regret it". ..

Actor Haruma Miura (30) died at a hospital in Tokyo on the 18th, and the Metropolitan Police Department believes he tried to commit suicide based on the situation at the scene.

Mr. Miura's affiliated office "Amuse" posted a new comment on the official website on the 20th, and said, "I was talking about my dream for 16 years since I was in junior high school I feel that both the artists and the staffs I belong to have lost their hearts over the feeling of sadness, and even if I regret it, I cannot regret it."

On top of that, he said, "Because of his attitude to work as an actor, his honest and charming personality is loved by many fans, many artists inside and outside the company, and his staff." I think his soul, which was really dazzling and shining due to the energy toward the work, will continue to shine in many works and in the hearts of all who receive them, never lost.'' I continue.

“I still feel unbelievable, unacceptable, and in deep sorrow, but Haruma Miura continues to be an amuse artist and an irreplaceable companion to us.” Is spelled out.

Mr. Miura's funeral has already been held in a burial, and the office wants to create an opportunity to farewell related parties and fans while considering the prevention of new coronavirus infection.