Actor Han So-hee officially apologized for her mother's debt relationship, and Han So-hee's alumni are cheering openly.

Recently, Han So-hee's mother revealed that she was stealing money from her step-by-step meeting, and was not returning money by excusing various requests for'pay me back the principal'.

One author in this article stated that Han So-hee was a friend. Since I was in middle school, I hate to owe others, so even those little rice cakes were bought by others with my money.

Then, even now, the stupid Lee So-hee is a child who always says'I'll live' when I try to pay for the meal, and when I try to work at the house at night because of the money, I want to focus on my dream. I sent all of the 120,000 won, minus 100,000 won.” “I was sorry for the pain that Sohee was suffering from now, so I couldn't even call her because of tears in her neck.”

Another acquaintance told one media, "When parents come to school events, Han So-hee was a grandmother. It was said that she grew up without mother protection. Nevertheless, she was always a bright friend." It wasn't the style I was trying to rely on. I grew up doing a part-time job as a child.”

Previously, Sohee Han wrote on her blog on the 19th when her mother's debt controversy shook. "I think you will be in a situation where you will not be comforted."

Han So-hee said, "At the age of 5, my parents divorced and my grandmother raised it. I learned about my mother's debts after I was 20, and I repaid my mother's debts. I learned that I didn't.”

In the meantime, Han So-hee said, "I think I'm sorry because there were more victims because of my failure to think that the only solution was to pay the debt instead of juvenile and inexperienced judgment." I apologize to everyone."

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)