Teachers involved in "teacher abuses students" in Shuozhou, Shanxi Province

  Xinhua, Shuozhou, July 19 (Gao Ruifeng) "Bah, disgusting dead" "What book can you read"... Recently, a video of "a teacher in a school in Shanxi Shuozhou abuses students" has been reported online, which has aroused social concern . On the afternoon of the 19th, the Shuocheng District Education Bureau of Shuozhou City responded that the teachers concerned had been disqualified and transferred out of the education system. The members of the school's leadership team were dismissed.

Shanxi Shuozhou responded to the incident of "teacher abused by a certain school teacher": the teacher involved was demoted and transferred away, and the school leader was removed. Photo courtesy of Shuocheng District Education Bureau, Shuozhou City

The Shuocheng District Education Bureau will carry out a centralized rectification of teachers and ethics throughout the district. Photo courtesy of Shuocheng District Education Bureau, Shuozhou City

  On July 17, at the graduation ceremony of a primary school in Shuozhou, Shanxi, a teacher was dissatisfied with the students and only gave flowers to the class teacher. When the students were so angry, they angered the flowers, and the teacher made the class stand up and criticized the students who sent flowers. And spit at him many times; another web video showed that the teacher accused the mother who sent the classmates of flowers and asked, "What book can your child read?"

  On the 19th, the Education Bureau of Shuocheng District, Shuocheng District, Shanxi Province issued a "Notice on the Centralized Remedial Action of Teachers, Teachers, and Morals in Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens in the District", and responded to this matter, saying that an investigation team has been formed to investigate. On the afternoon of the 19th, the bureau issued a notice on the processing of Internet-based video.

  After investigation, the incident occurred at the graduating class meeting of the sixth grade of the sixth primary school in Shuocheng District. The teacher involved was the sixth grade teacher Wang Moumou of the school. According to the relevant regulations, the teacher Wang Moumou was dealt with as follows: Observe for two years, revoke teacher qualifications, reduce job grades (salary salary from 25 to 1), and transfer from the education system.

  In addition, the leadership team members of Shuocheng District No. 6 Primary School (1 principal and 3 deputy principals) were dismissed; the deputy director of Shuocheng District Education Bureau was given administrative warning warning; the director of Shuocheng District Education Bureau was exhorted to talk; and a working group was sent to the station School, further investigation and handling of school leaders and other teaching staff suspected of violations of school style, school discipline and teacher ethics.

  At the same time, the education bureau of Shuocheng District will carry out a centralized ethics and ethics rectification operation throughout the district. The staff of the bureau's office introduced that the ethics and ethics ethics centralized rectification operation will begin after the mid-term exam. (Finish)