Japanese popular actor Miura Haruma passed away. 30 years old.

According to Japanese media on the 18th, Haruma Miura was found dead at home in Minato-ku, Tokyo, around 1 PM on the day. It is said that it was the manager who discovered Haruma Miura. When he didn't appear on the scheduled schedule, he visited the house and found Miura who died. It is said that documents believed to be historic will also be found at home.

It is presumed to have made an extreme choice, but we are investigating the specific situation. The Japanese archipelago was shocked. Fans have been showing bright appearances such as promoting new works through SNS until recently, and his sudden news is a reaction that came as a bigger shock. 

Not only Japanese fans, but also Korean fans are sending a memorial message in search of his SNS. 

Born in 1990, Haruma Miura is an actor from a child actor. In 2007, the movie'Senior: Hello, All That I Love' earned its name in earnest, and the dramas'Gokusen 3','Bloody Monday', '2Wicks','Crows Zero 2','Touching You', He has been active in many of his works, including Giant Part 1 and 2'.

There is also a relationship with Korea. I visited Korea to attend the '2019 Seoul Drama Awards' and won the'Asian Star Award', which is noticed by Asian TV viewers. In 2014, he attended the Busan Film Festival in Korea.  

(Reporter Ji-hye Kim, SBS funE)