Kyoani Arson Incident Today 1 year Memorial memorial service at the site of the site of the studio July 18 11:57

It has been 18 years since Kyoto animation arson in which 36 people were killed and 33 were seriously injured. A memorial service was held by the bereaved family members and company officials at the site of the site studio, and prayers were offered to those who died.

On July 18, last year, the 1st studio of Kyoto Animation in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto was set on fire, killing 36 employees and injuring 33 others.

A memorial ceremony was held on the 18th, which is one year after the highest number of victims since the Heisei era as a murder case, on the site of the former studio, attended by more than 90 people including the bereaved family and Hideaki Hatta, president and other company officials. It was

A temporary altar with flowers such as chrysanthemums and lilies was set up on the site covered with a tent, and the attendants quietly entered the venue.

The memorial service began at about 10:30 am when the incident occurred, and after each member offered a one-minute silence, each of them gave flowers to the altar.

And President Hatta said, “We have been in sadness for a year. We worked together in this area to create animation. We have been working together to create works. From now on, I will always have my heart with my colleagues. I will swear once again by slowly and step by step, connecting with my colleagues, their families, and everyone who supports us."

President Hatta will hold a press conference on the afternoon of the 18th and will once again talk about his feelings, etc. one year after the incident.