Following the apologized by comedian Noh Jin, who was caught drunk driving, his wife directly apologized and said, "I'm really sorry."

According to the Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police Station, Noujin was arrested by a police officer who was suspected of driving while being drunk while driving on Olympic Street, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the night of the 15th. At the time of arrest, Nojin was in a car alone, and the blood alcohol level was 0.185%, which is known to be equivalent to the license cancellation level.

On the 17th, Noujin admitted on his SNS that he drunk and drunk, saying, "I drunk last Wednesday evening and made a mistake without failing to think about a moment."

Then he apologized, "There is no excuse, this was clearly my wrongdoing, and it should never be. I sincerely apologize. I am very sorry.

Along with this, Noujin's wife also conveyed the meaning of apology through social media.

Noujin's wife said, "I'm really sorry that I caused a scandal with my husband's foolish behavior in such a difficult situation. "I'm a person who has worked hard without a manager and has been running late until late time. "I looked at the husband who came back and went to sleep without any doubt, but when I came across this unfamiliar thing with an article, I am so embarrassed and my husband is so resentful."

"I don't have to say anything about opening my mouth this day, and since I'm raising a child, I'm aware of how much wrong drunk driving is, and more than anyone else, I feel a great responsibility as a companion to prevent this from happening again." I will be with you on behalf of you who are disappointed with your work, so that you can spend deep reflection and self-sufficiency to take responsibility for your own actions as well as a harsh reproach."

Noh Jin made his debut as the KBS 20th public bond comedian in 2005, and appeared in'Gag Concert' and'Jungle's Law'. In the'Master' section, Kim Byeong-man became popular as a disciple.

Recently, YouTube channel'Nojin TV' was also opened.

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