Her 18-month-old daughter Laura is very annoyed these days. I started to get irritated from the self-consciousness. It became clear that I liked it and I hated it, and the most frequently spoken word these days is'Sheaer (I hate it)'. Even while eating, they sometimes get irritated by throwing a toothbrush and saying they don't want to brush their teeth and ask for dolls. Not only is it annoying, but it also makes strange noises such as'How does a child make such a sound?' If it is expressed in words, it is'Guk-kuk~ Aang-ak-k-ak!' It makes a really weird sound while scratching the neck. I struggled to soothe my crying until I became a stone, but I need to soothe my anxiety as I cry often.

I know that'four ugly years old' is familiar, but 
my child is just over 18 months old.

Last week, daughter Laura started eating breakfast and smacked the bowl with a spoon. If you don't want to eat or have a heartache, you often fall down with a spoon. "It's not like Laura," she said nicely. However, I did not pretend to listen, but I continued to cook with a spoon, so the rice was fried everywhere. Said to be upset and said with strength to the neck. “No! Stop it.” Then he stops striking the spoon and now starts to ask for cookies. "Let's go!" In a clear pronunciation, they point to the cookie at the back of the table and ask for a bunch.

"Lora, it's time to eat. You can eat and eat sweets," he persuaded him to eat. "I have to eat rice first" But this time, I'm throwing the spoon to the floor! Before that, I threw a spoon a few times and said, "I'm not throwing it" and "I can't throw it" every time, but this time I can't stand it. "No! I didn't want to throw a spoon!" Surprised by the sound, Laura looked at me with her eyes wide open. At the moment, his face froze, his eyes began to tingle, and tears like chicken poop shook. “How dark, how dark” and how sadly she cried, however, her heart was weakened and she got angry.

"Laura, you shouldn't throw a spoon. Laura said, "My father is angry. I'm not throwing a spoon when I eat." Laura listened to me as she listened to me with wet eyes. "I'm sorry my father is angry. I'm sorry to throw a spoon at Laura, I apologize to my dad and I'm sorry." I stroked Laura's shoulders first. "My father is sorry". Laura even follows me, "Myan~" and strokes my back with a small hand like a fern. When I said, "Oh, hug me now," hugged me and hugged me. So it was past breakfast time.

My annoyance is increasing nowadays. A few days ago, I couldn't stand the child's irritation and ran out like a child to my wife. Then I walked alone and thought. Raising a child is such an emotionally difficult task. Physical labor for childcare became easier, and more emotional labor followed. It is said that it is the role of parents to accept all kinds of irritation and deterrence of the child, but the feelings of my feelings seemed too small to be a parent. The child may be irritable or throw a spoon, but I couldn't stand it, and I was just pathetic. Maybe a grown-up adult can't accept a child's feelings without parental qualifications. Self-esteem collapsed and sorry feelings piled up.

In fact, other children just need to be cute. However, my child cannot be overlooked when I see wrong behavior because I have to raise it and teach it correctly. It is easy to say that it is easy to teach properly, and it is also possible that a person who is an emotional animal can do it by calmly and straightforwardly without disturbing the child's emotions.

In a parenting book, I've seen that children throw away bad feelings from their parents. The child is trying to entrust the parents with emotions that are difficult for him to handle, and expects the parents to filter well and make them the size of the emotions they can digest. It is said that as the parents cut small pieces of large food when they eat baby food, the emotional muscles gradually develop through the strain of parent emotion. On the other hand, if the child is badly swarming, there is also a way to turn it off for a minute or two. The child has to learn that even if he is irritable, he cannot achieve what he wants.

I know, but when I hit reality, I often feel the limit of patience. I want to accept and empathize with all of my child's feelings, but it seems that the container of parents is not made in a day. Soon there is an ugly four-year-old and a far-off teen, but I'm afraid I'll be able to tell her well when I'm typing a child without getting angry. I try to raise a child, but in the end, as a parent, it seems to be parenting myself. There are many lifestyles and social norms for a child to learn, but these days, parents feel more things to learn and endure.

I am raising a child (아이兒) and at the same time raising myself (育我).

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