China News Service, Jinhua, July 17 (Reporter Xi Jinyan Correspondent Wang Qianmei) "These are old-fashioned cameras and projectors of various generations, many of which I bought from abroad. This microphone is the prop microphone in the movie "Founding Ceremony"... "In midsummer, when the reporter walked into the Zhuzi film and television prop studio in Hengdian, Zhejiang, the boss Zhu Dongqing was introducing props with the client. From daily decorations to weapons and equipment, tens of thousands of various props fill nearly 600 square meters of space. You can find almost anything that appears in film and television works here.

  In the twenty years since he entered the props industry, Zhu Dongqing took the "fast lane" of the rapid development of Hengdian's film and television industry. With a pair of clever hands and ingenuity, he has worked hard from an unknown "wage earner" to a famous Hengdian. The film crew's "Prop King", a family of three also stepped into a happy well-off life from food and clothing, and their experiences have become the true epitome of this beautiful era.

  In 1996, with the construction of the "Opium War" shooting scene as an opportunity, Hengdian opened a huge screen for the development of the film and television cultural industry. In 2000, the number of receptions of the Hengdian crew skyrocketed, becoming the largest film and television shooting base in China, and an "Oriental Hollywood" gradually emerged. Under the introduction of relatives, Zhu Dongqing, a woodcarver who had just returned from Guangdong, joined the "movie of film and television" without hesitation. Like millions of film crew members, he began to follow the life of the group.

  The TV series "Flying Knife Asking for Love", released in 2003, was the first film and television play he participated in the production of props. He was responsible for binding branches and flowers to fake trees. His daily salary was 40 yuan, which was not high. In the crew, Zhu Dongqing never shouts bitterly, tiredly, does not go to school, asks if he does not understand, diligently practises calligraphy, Chinese painting, and sculpture. With all kinds of versatile skills and "crafted" craftsman attitude, he gradually became a "teacher" praised in the industry.

  In 2007, Zhu Dongqing, who was unwilling to work again, decided to start his own business as a boss. He opened the first prop shop on Dazhi Street in Hengdian Town, which was originally a small grain, oil, and grocery store. Everything is difficult at the beginning, the store business in the first two years is not good, and even the rent of 8,000 yuan a year cannot be paid. In order to maintain his livelihood, Zhu Dongqing returned to the crew to pick up the work during the day, and the shop was supervised by his wife Dong Yingfang. "At that time, I used to ride a motorcycle to get off work, my wife to ride a bicycle, and a daughter in the back seat."

  Despite the difficult life, Zhu Dongqing has always had a great enthusiasm for props. He taught himself painting, electric welding, tailoring, iron art, leather art and other techniques. "Grenades", hand-held suitcases, safes, various "jianghu hidden weapons" and even aircraft joysticks. "Difficulties, find Zhu Dongqing" became the consensus of the crew at that time, as long as he gave him drawings, he could come up with ideas.

  Because of this, Zhu Dongqing's name is getting louder and louder, and the business is getting bigger and bigger. Not only the crew, but also some stage shows and performance troupes in Hangzhou, Anhui, and Shanghai also came to him for custom props. "In 2009, I bought the first car, and I still don't want to change it." In 2011, Zhu Dongqing bought the foundation at Kangzhuang South Street in Hengdian Town and built his own house.

  As the days go by, the better. At the same time, Zhu Dongqing’s prop production is constantly upgrading. The previous foam props are gradually replaced by resin props, and many props even require special customization. Later, the crew's investment in props continued to shrink, and he took advantage of the situation, shifting from prop sales to rentals, and saving expenses for the crew, he can also slowly return funds.

  With the continuous advancement of technology, the technology of film and television shooting is getting higher and higher. Zhu Dongqing also set his sights on high-tech film and television. In 2017, he invested millions of dollars and partnered with a friend to open a film and television special effects company. In Hollywood blockbusters, the car chase and rollovers can be achieved with his special effects equipment.

  "In the future, in addition to continuing to work in the props business, I also want to make movies and TV shows by myself." At present, Zhu Dongqing is looking for a suitable script. Prepare an online movie to realize your dream of film and television. (Finish)