If it's summer, it's diet in summer! Nowadays, as the days get hot, interest in diet increases. As Corona 19 increased the number of people staying at home, the number of'students' (the new word that people lose weight for a short period of time) also increased. I don't know when the corona will end, but I can't continue to live as a'steamer'. Lazy habits once formed are difficult to fix, so you should exercise even in an environment where you can sweat a lot. If you think about your health, summer is the time to diet.

However, it is not difficult to exercise with a social distance. Indoor sports facilities such as a gym were also recommended to be discontinued. The gym where many people gathered and sweated has a gloomy atmosphere. On the other hand, the home training industry exercising at home is booming. It was created by modern people who have to exercise somehow.

In fact, the most important thing in the diet than exercise is'meal'. The word diet originally means'diet control', but the meaning is expanded and used only as'weight control'. There is a saying among sportsmen that'If you exercise hard and eat everything, you will become a healthy pig.' If you decide on the weight of your diet in exercise and meals, I would like to give more than 70% to your meals. Diets without diet control must fail. Strategies should be well established. This is because you have to appease your appetite by thinking of dieting for a lifetime rather than eating for a while.

I've lost more than 15kg four times to my 40s, but all of them have failed because of the yo-yo phenomenon. I've gained a lot of weight, such as fasting, fast low-carb meals, and continuing to eat as little as 800kcal per day, but why did I fail each time? Ironically, it was because of excessive confidence. The self-confidence that springs up when it starts to lose weight leads to flatulence without exception. In other words, I think,'I can do this much' and fall into the illusion that I can continue this life forever. However, dieting habits were not very successful. There are times when the mental wave is shaken, and I have not overcome these crises. When I returned to its original shape before losing weight, I even felt depressed.

And now on the 5th diet. I am losing 10kg again and keeping it. This time, I wasn't the one I used to go through four times. I have learned what I learned through failure, and I feel that I will not make the same mistakes again and again. Here are some diet tips for my doctor and dieter.

#1 Get the help of medicine wisely

Exercise and diet control, and diet pills. They all have their own utility. However, balance is important. In fact, the importance of exercise is so well known. I have to talk and my mouth hurts. Although the problem is that you often buy only exercise equipment and don't exercise or do not control your diet, no one can deny that exercise is good for your body anyway.

However, there is controversy over the utility of the drug. Consider social nuances when referring to'about'. Usually the focus is on the negative rather than the positive function. 'Medicine','poison' and'counter' give a similar feeling. So is the diet. It is said that if you rely too heavily on drugs, you will surely experience yo-yo. It is not wrong at all. People who are overly greedy want diuretics, as well as straining the kidneys. And over time, they often return to their original weight. Excessive greed spoils health.

However, if you use the right diet pills, you can wisely diet for a long time. It is not always used, but only when the appetite is unbearable. Diet pills work for most people. However, if it lasts too long, the appetite will increase even if you take the medicine. Therefore, it is better to use diet pills only as a temporary stimulus. Don't think about eating all year round, but only when your appetite explodes.

For example, let's say that there are people who exercise and eat hard. However, I always feel frustrated because of yo-yo, and I always blame it on the seasons. In the season of fattening, the fall of Cheonanbi paralysis causes binge eating due to the cool weather. If you are like this, you can put your appetite to sleep for a while in the fall, and exercise and diet during the rest of the season.

#2 Record your meal

There are prerequisites for a long-term diet.

One, to discard bad habits (eating binge eating).
Two, making good habits.

One good habit here is to record your meals. You can raise your unconscious binge eating desire to a level of consciousness by simply recording your meal. It means that you can control the appetite that boils up in an unconscious manner by saying, "Uh, why am I doing this?"

Broadcaster Lee Hui-jae confessed that she had suffered from childhood childhood obesity, and cited'recording meal' as the secret to her diet. He is still a record-breaker since he was a rookie and a middle-aged star. It was not easy to record meals in the 90s when he was in full swing. It was also difficult to obtain a nutritionally analyzed ticket, and no one coached the diet. What is the current situation? There are basically applications on the smartphone that can record dietary information. Turn on your smartphone right now and start recording what you just ate. There is no excuse.

#3 Do it like this,

my last (?) diet is the most important reason why it is currently progressing successfully. It is the wife's help. Before marriage, everything had to be done alone. I studied nutrition, ordered chicken breast, and exercised alone. I was lonely and tired. But now it is different. There is someone who will eat the same meal and talk about food. It is always fun to talk about health with loved ones. I feel like talking about a bright future. You can share knowledge and share joy. It doesn't have to be that way. When you get healthy, you feel better accordingly. It is a virtuous cycle.

Diet cannot be done with will alone. Passion is always a moment. Patience is also to be broken at least once. An acute diet that spoils the body must be angry. Make good habits and continue life. Today is the best time to be healthy. There are also directions, personalized exercise coaches, and good medical information. You can live healthy from today to death. Just start.

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