"A-bombed piano" movie July 17 at 19:41, which will start screening in Hiroshima City before it is released nationwide

A premiere screening started in Hiroshima City on the 17th before the movie about "A-bombed piano" that still sounds beautiful despite the damage of the atomic bomb was released nationwide.

The movie "Mother's A-bombed Piano" is a work that reminds me of peace through the exchange between the second-generation A-bomb tuner and a female university student in Tokyo who are holding concerts around the country with the piano.

After the end of this month, the premiere of the screening began in Hiroshima City on the 17th before the opening to the public nationwide, and 87 people, including high school students and general spectators who cooperated in shooting the movie, watched it.

While taking measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, such as reducing the number of visitors to about half of the usual number, the people who were watching listened to the beautiful sound of the atomic bomb bombing piano that endured the heat rays and blast. It was

A woman in her 70s said, "It was a movie with a nice piano sound and a refreshing feeling. I want many people to tell us that war is a bad thing."

Moreover, Mitsunori Yagawa, a tuner of the movie model and himself a second-generation survivor of the atomic bomb, said, "I hope we can sow peace through the movie. I want young people who bear the future to see it." It was