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  If you are not responsible or responsible, you will be accountable! This is usually the case, and the moment of struggle must not be ambiguous.

  Recently, Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan reported a number of cases of dereliction of duty during flood control. Tao Jianghua, executive deputy head of Qingshan Lake District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, was given disciplinary action for drinking off duty during the flood control duty; Gao Jidong, deputy leader of the first brigade of the Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau of Xiantao City, Hubei Province, and four others left their posts and went home to do private things and watch others. Fishing was held accountable; Zhoukou Town, Hanshou County, Hunan, failed to implement the requirements for superior flood control work, and there were hidden safety hazards. Chen Mou, party secretary of the town, and Liu Mou, the chairman of the town's People's Congress in charge of water conservancy, were accountable; and so on. In the critical period of flood control, these cases of accountability released a strong signal: the situation of flood control is grim, and whoever is not accountable will be held accountable.

  Thousands of miles of embankment collapsed in ant den. Flood prevention and relief work is related to the safety of people’s lives and property, and no negligence or slack is allowed. At present, Jiangxi Province and Yangxin and Caidian in Hubei Province have raised flood control emergency response to the highest level Ⅰ. The majority of party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, can only win the flood control and disaster relief by strengthening the wartime standards and entering the wartime state. Fight hard. However, a few party cadres still have negative phenomena such as ignoring the discipline of flood prevention, waterlogging and relief work, leaving their posts without authorization, and being lazy. Just the afternoon before Tao Jianghua's removal from the post, the water level of the red flag Lianwei River channel on duty reached 22.7 meters, exceeding the warning water level, and an emergency occurred. Tao Jianghua, who has been in charge of emergency management for a long time, will not be unaware of the seriousness of the situation. The problem is the lack of awareness of responsibility. His accountability also shows from one side that the reasons why some safety hazards will evolve into accidents are closely related to the lack of responsibility awareness and inadequate work implementation.

  In particular, it should be noted that in these cases, the failure of leading cadres to play a bad "demonstration" role. Gao Jidong, the deputy team leader of the first brigade of the Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, left his post and went home to do private affairs without authorization. The other staff members wore uniforms and swaggered over the city to watch others fishing. Supervising rectification, the section heads of the flood control dikes and the secretary of the village branch have learned a lot. They have turned a blind eye to the problems such as the inadequate installation of flood control lights, the failure of the flood control personnel to meet the standards, and the incomplete cutting of grass and debris. Facts have shown that if the "key minority" is "hands-off shopkeeper", what destroys the atmosphere of the entire team and dampens the spirit of the down-to-earth officials. Only by focusing on the "key minority", compacting responsibilities at the above rate, and conducting pressure layer by layer, can we build a strong dam against flood conditions.

  Accountability is to exert deterrence and warning effects to better promote work. In order to further strengthen the supervision of flood prevention and disaster relief work, and effectively help win the hard battle of flood prevention and relief with strict and clear wartime discipline, on July 14, the Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a relevant notice, proposing to investigate and deal with the formalism and bureaucracy in flood prevention and relief. Issues of doctrine, such as unauthorized departure, dereliction of duty, defiance of orders, withdrawal from the battlefield, relegation, blame, and delay in work, shall be notified first and then dealt with, in order to be effective. For corruption, misappropriation, interception, and crowding out of flood control and disaster relief funds and materials, Handle strictly according to regulations, disciplines and laws; etc.

  According to the news conference on the special flood season held by the China Meteorological Administration on July 15, strong rainfall will continue in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River for the next 10 days. The superposition effect is obvious and the risk of disaster is very high. The flood situation is still very tense. The vast number of party members and cadres should draw lessons from the reported cases and take it as a warning. Discipline inspection and supervision organs should strengthen accountability for supervision and discipline, strengthen political supervision, urge relevant party organizations and party cadres to strengthen their political consciousness and accountability, take more powerful and effective measures to grasp the implementation, and resolutely win the hard battle of flood prevention and disaster relief. Efforts should be made to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.