Grape 1 bunch 1.3 million yen "Ruby Roman" first bid updated the highest price Ishikawa July 16, 12:21

The first auction of luxury ruby ​​roman, a grape developed by Ishikawa Prefecture, was held in Kanazawa, and it was auctioned for a record high of 1.3 million yen per bunch.

"Ruby Roman" is a grape developed by Ishikawa Prefecture that features a large fruit with a diameter of more than 3 cm and a strong sweetness.

From 6 am on the 16th, the first Koshiki Auction was held at the Kanazawa Central Wholesale Market, and 100 bunches cultivated in Kanazawa and Kaga were put up for auction.

Of these, the highest price was 900 grams with about 30 fruits and was auctioned for 1.3 million yen per bunch.

This was 100,000 yen higher than the highest price of the first auction last year, and became the highest since the shipment of Ruby Roman started in 2008.

Offering to guests of Kanazawa Ryokan

I bought this ruby ​​roman because it is a company that runs an inn in Ishikawa Prefecture and provides it to guests of the inn in Kanazawa.

Mr. Mitsutaka Sakamoto, director of the purchased “Hyakurakuso” said, “This time the price of high-grade foodstuffs has dropped due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and the producers are distressed. I'm happy if I can."

Ruby Roman shipments will continue until late September.