Call for cooperation from “Shinjuku to clean up Corona” Visit 300 Kabukicho stores 23:59, July 16

A meeting was held between Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, which has Kabukicho, Japan's largest entertainment district, and infection prevention measures, and next week, the ward and businesses will visit host clubs to prevent infection. We have decided to hold a campaign to call for cooperation.

In Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, last month, we set up a “Countermeasures Liaison Meeting” with businesses such as restaurants that are entertaining, and a second meeting was held on the 16th.

At the beginning of the meeting, Kenichi Yoshizumi said, “The image of Kabukicho, which is said to be the most downtown area in the East, is now a region with frequent infections. I would like you to proceed with infection prevention measures through such horizontal connections."

After this, opinions are exchanged between the ward and the representatives of the businesses, and before the consecutive holidays starting from the 23rd of this month, the ward and the businesses collaborate for two days on the 20th and 21st, and Kabukicho It was decided to visit host clubs, cabaret clubs, and about 300 stores inside to call for cooperation in infection control measures.

In addition, the ward also introduced a checklist for infection prevention that was created by incorporating the opinions of the business operators.

"I am in a critical situation in Kabukicho now. I hope Kabukicho will continue to cooperate with the ward to wipe out the corona from Shinjuku." I was talking.