A student source sells 60,000, specifically for rural students? Some private mid-career enrollment is shady

  Half-monthly reporters went to Hunan to investigate some of the “big student counties” and found that there is a gray interest chain in the private vocational enrollment field that uses recruiters as ties, using false enrollment propaganda, tuition fees in advance, suspected trading of students, etc. to “student” the students. Selling high prices, the black hand focuses on rural junior high school students. Behind the shady, is the exploitation of the value of students.

  Hunan Province recently thoroughly investigated and punished a batch of enrollment violations of secondary vocational schools, and reported 8 typical cases of violations of disciplines, involving some vocational schools, junior high school source schools, and social intermediary enrollment dealers, and canceled the relevant schools. Inter-city enrollment plan.


Squatting down and pulling together online, the "enrollment dealer" fully penetrated

  Not long ago, Xiaolin (a pseudonym), a junior high school student in a rural junior high school in a remote area of ​​Hunan, was spotted as soon as school was over.

  "He talked to me at the school gate and spoke a local language, but claimed to be Mr. Xiao from a vocational school in Changsha. I heard that I was in the third year of junior high school, so I bought snacks with great enthusiasm for me to let my classmates go to them. School visit." Xiao Lin told Banyue Tan reporter that Mr. Xiao promised to "reimburse" the tuition fee of 3,000 yuan for each person who applied for this school.

  I heard that the round-trip fare and meals for the trip to Changsha are all inclusive, and Kobayashi felt "it's okay to take a look." On May 17, he took three classmates together on a bus to Changsha. On the day, there were 51 junior students in the car.

  Looking at the magnificent campus on the exquisite enrollment brochure, Xixi (pseudonym) on the bus was very excited, but when she arrived at the school, she was completely disappointed: "It looks like it is not on the brochure at first. The school is in a very remote suburb. It’s just a little bit old and the teaching building is dilapidated. The teacher who led the team pointed at the empty spaces and gave us a picture of the “bread”, saying what plans will be in the future."

  Sissi told Hanyue Tan reporters that an "instructor" in camouflage uniforms warned the visiting students that the school was militarized and especially not allowed to take pictures.

  After the visit, Xiaolin, Xixi and others were pulled to listen to a lecture. "The lecture teacher has been emphasizing that the school is very hot, and many popular majors have limited places, and it is necessary to pay 3000 yuan in advance to reserve a degree to ensure admission." Sisi said.

  After listening to the lecture, some students called their family members to ask for money, and some students paid the booking deposit through WeChat transfer on the spot. For some hesitant students, the "teacher" attacked again. Xiao Lin recalled: "I said that I don't have so much money for the time being. The teacher said that I can pay for it in advance and come to my house next time."

  The reporter from Half Moon Talks learned that in a related case, 22 students went to a private vocational school to visit, and 19 of them paid a 3,000 yuan “degree reservation fee”.

  In order to attract more students, in addition to squatting down the school gate, the "teachers" also launched an offensive online. They set up QQ groups and send red packets to motivate students to "pull heads." "When the number of people in the group is over 100, the'teacher' will send out red envelopes, and when the number is over 200, red envelopes will be issued." Kobayashi said, every day, the school will send out some school-looking introductions to encourage students to sign up. "A group where I belong to. After the school was exposed to illegal admissions by the education department, the'teacher' is still encouraging everyone to pay more to book a degree."

  Expansion of the "enrollment network" through off-campus training institutions is also one of the usual recruiting methods. In a case actively investigated and dealt with in Hunan, a training institution around a township junior high school claimed that it was entrusted by the relevant vocational school to organize an “enrollment interview” and charged a 50 yuan interview fee for students, creating a “hot school and competing for admission” posture In fact, it is illegal enrollment and exaggerated publicity.


The interest chain connects all the enrollment parties, and the "head" sells sky-high prices

  A staff member of the education department revealed that comparing the big data of local vocational school students and junior high school students in the past three years found that a group of junior high school students had an obvious abnormal flow of students.

  For example, he said that a rural junior high school sent more than 150 students to a private vocational school in 2019. "One vocational school may recruit three or four hundred people in one session, and one junior high school has sent dozens or hundreds of people. The student source delivery is highly concentrated and extremely abnormal. We suspect that it is a "team crime."

  The so-called "team committing crimes" refers to the fact that recruiters and individual class teachers and teachers collaborate in buying and selling students. They asked teachers to vigorously promote specific private vocational schools to students. If students enrolled, recruiters would charge a "head fee", and at the same time, part of the "head fee" would be distributed to teachers in the name of introduction fees.

  An industry insider revealed to the reporter of Half Moon Talks that the “capita fee” of student sources has risen in recent years: “A three-year secondary school student can open up to 26,000 yuan, and a five-year secondary school graduate student at a continuous price. Open to 60,000 yuan."

  "As long as the class teacher recommends one person to enroll, he can get an introduction fee of 3,000 to 5,000 yuan." An education department head told Hanyue Tan reporters that individual teachers were tempted by interests and usually emphasized "difficult to go to school" to students intentionally or unintentionally. Students are recommended to go to specific private vocational schools. "If you send a few students to vocational school, you can earn tens of thousands of yuan. Will some junior three teachers prefer to take a bad class instead of a good one?"


The source of students is the source of money, and the source of students in the countryside is exploited layer by layer

  Why are some private vocational schools willing to spend tens of thousands of yuan to "buy" students? The answer is: wool comes from sheep, and the source of birth is the source of money.

  Many industry insiders calculated the same account for the reporter of Half Moon Talk, that is, vocational schools can earn at least 5 money from students: First, private vocational schools can receive state-free tuition subsidy funds of 2,400 yuan per student per year The second is that tuition is generally about 8,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan per academic year, and three to four thousand yuan in three years; the third is "employment fees for top posts", that is, students are recommended to work in the name of "top post internships" when the company is absent from work, charging thousands to Tens of thousands of "management fees"; four are miscellaneous fees collected repeatedly for various purposes such as "recognition specialist", "skill training" and "exam information fee"; fifth is thousands of dollars charged for introducing students to enterprises before graduation Not waiting for the "recruitment fee".

  Industry insiders pointed out that the reasons for the unscrupulous recruitment of private secondary vocational schools are, on the one hand, driven by interests, the education quality of some private vocational schools is not high, the hardware and software facilities are backward, and the training cost is very low; on the other hand, the risk is small, and the application for private education A large proportion of students in vocational schools are rural junior high school students with poor grades and poor families. They usually do not resist and are not good at defending rights after entering school.

  "These rural children were originally the most vulnerable group, and their families also expected them to learn a craft to change their own and family's destiny, but they were eventually fooled into some unrealistic schools and subjected to layers of exploitation." One Said the head of the education department.


Focus on supervision on the one hand and development on the other, cut off the gray chain of interest from the source

  Many interviewees believed that during the mid-career recruitment season, Hunan took the initiative to thoroughly investigate private mid-career illegal enrollment. Recently, 8 typical cases were exposed and dealt with seriously, which can form a deterrent within a certain range and sound an alarm for similar phenomena everywhere. ,Worthy of recognition. At the same time, it should also be noted that the exposed cases are only the tip of the iceberg. The enrollment chaos in private vocational colleges exposes the ecological disadvantages of enrollment in secondary vocational education, which needs to be severely eliminated and standardized.

  ——Improve the system and increase the cost and price of violations. Ruan Haiqing, an expert in the assessment of the vocational school level in Hunan Province, said that the education department has made three orders and five applications, and illegal enrollment still exists. The fundamental reason is that the punishment is lighter and the cost of violating the law is lower. Some people in the industry suggested that for illegal admission schools that "touched the red line", they could suspend electronic student registration, reduce the scale of enrollment, cancel school qualifications, and guide the establishment of an exit mechanism.

  -Strictly investigate junior middle school teachers' participation in illegal enrollment. Judging from the various clues of reports received by the current education department, a small number of junior high school teachers have flagrantly asked for admission cards from private school admissions officers and received “kickbacks” from enrollment; some schools did not push vocational sunshine enrollment information as required. It even distorts admissions information, deceives students and their parents, and even participates in controlling and buying and selling students. The industry believes that teachers are the source of contact with students, and should report channels for their violations and strictly investigate and punish them.

  -Urge Sunshine to enroll students in a dead corner. At the internal meeting of the investigation and punishment of illegal admissions, a chief person in charge of the education department said that although in recent years it has been emphasized that it is necessary to establish and uniformly use the admission platform for high school students, strictly implement the unified online application for voluntary and open, orderly admission However, a few places still deliberately dragged the platform or did not use the platform, to "leave aside" for admissions, and seek private gains. The next step is to strictly regulate the release of enrollment information, admission management, and student status management in vocational schools so as not to leave room for illegal admissions.

  ——Resolve the “difficult enrollment” and “difficult survival” of private vocational secondary education from the source. It is understood that the current high number of low-quality private mid-careers and the uneven distribution among regions have existed for a long time, and many "big source counties" have become cross-regional "robbing people" of vicious competition and severely affected areas, which has created a vicious circle: Everyone is robbing, and you can't live without robbing.

  Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, believes that behind the illegal recruitment of private vocational schools is the difficulty of their survival and development.

  "If a school can recruit enough students normally, why should it rely on'intermediaries' to survive? To fundamentally resolve this problem, it is necessary for private vocational education to have a greater living space." Chu Zhaohui suggested that Jian Zhangli System and implement it, and run private vocational education with a modern school system, and at the same time create broader application needs, development foundation, and future space for vocational education.

  Source: "Half Moon Talk" No.13, 2020

  Reporter of Half Moon Talk: Yuan Ruting Xie Ying