China News Service, Shenzhen, July 15 (Reporter Zheng Xiaohong) Eight departments including the Shenzhen Housing Construction Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Further Promoting the Steady and Healthy Development of the Shenzhen Real Estate Market" on the 15th, introducing eight measures to precisely regulate the property market. The measures cover administration, finance, taxation and other aspects, aiming to give priority to satisfying rigid needs and effectively curbing speculation in real estate; using financial, taxation and other economic means to ensure precise implementation; strengthening real estate market supervision and guiding the market to return to rationality.

  Since April this year, the Shenzhen real estate market has been relatively active in transactions, the prices of second-hand houses have risen too fast, and some hot spots in hotspots have seen new homes snapping up and the listing prices of second-hand houses being falsely high, which has attracted widespread attention. Relevant departments promptly severely cracked down on behaviors such as covering up the plates and selling them, driving up housing prices, false propaganda, and publishing false statements.

  The eight measures introduced this time include: adjusting the purchase life of commercial housing, improving differentiated housing credit measures, playing a role in tax regulation, refining ordinary housing standards, strengthening sales management of hotspot properties, implementing network signing management of housing mortgage contracts, and increasing the use of second-hand housing The publicity of housing transaction information and severe crackdowns on violations of laws and regulations in the real estate market.

  According to the "Notice", Shenzhen tightens the policy of household registration for residents who have settled in Shenzhen for three years and have to pay 36 months of continuous tax or social security to purchase commercial housing; the implementation of differentiated credit policies for the purchase of ordinary and non-ordinary housing, including If the homeowner owns a house in Shenzhen under the name of a home buyer, the loan down payment ratio for the purchase of ordinary housing is not less than 70%, and the loan down payment ratio for the purchase of non-ordinary housing is not less than 80%; to suppress overheating in the second-hand market and personal housing The transfer VAT exemption period will be adjusted from 2 years to 5 years; ordinary houses enjoying preferential policies must meet three conditions at the same time; hot spots with high social attention and expected number of buyers will be given priority to meet the purchase of homes by non-resident households The principle of demand, and formulate a real estate sales plan based on factors such as the length of time to pay personal income tax or social insurance in Shenzhen; further improve the transaction price, evaluation price, and registration price "three prices in one" system, and the housing mortgage contract should be carried out through the real estate information platform Online signing, property mortgage registration procedures without online signing are not allowed; timely release of reasonable transaction prices for second-hand housing in hotspot areas and hotspot properties, increase transparency in second-hand market information, standardize intermediary transactions, guide market rational transactions, and stabilize second-hand transactions Housing prices; related companies and personnel suspected of being involved in over-selling, extra-price increases, false advertisements, publishing false houses, maliciously driving up housing prices, misappropriating various types of credit funds to enter the real estate market, fabricating and disseminating false statements, according to law Regulations are adopted to take measures such as interviews, suspension of online signing, suspension of business rectification, cancellation of business qualifications, and revocation of business licenses, and the transfer of suspected crimes to judicial organs.

  It is reported that since the implementation of a new round of real estate market regulation and control in Shenzhen in 2016, Shenzhen has successively issued documents such as "Deep Eight Articles" and "Deep Four Articles", strictly implementing the five-restriction policies on purchase, loan, sale, price, and apartment types.

  The Shenzhen Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau said that the next step will be to accelerate the construction of a 6:4 housing supply and security system for public housing and commercial housing, allowing more citizens to solve housing difficulties through public housing provided by the government. This year plans to supply more than 3 square kilometers of residential land, 12 million square meters of new commercial housing, and more than 80 commercial housing projects in the second half of the year. It is expected that the supply area will exceed 5 million square meters and exceed 50,000 units. At the same time, no less than 80,000 sets of public housing will be raised this year. (Finish)