China News Agency, Zhengzhou, July 15 (Reporter Li Guigang) The Henan Provincial Public Security Department reported on the afternoon of the 15th that since the special anti-crime campaign began, the provincial police have killed 1,326 criminal gangs and successfully cracked down on national scandals. A number of criminal cases involving crimes involving crimes involving the society and organized by the Black Office and the Ministry of Public Security of China.

  According to the report, in the past two and a half years, the public security organs at all levels in Henan Province have handled 98% of the expiry of clues from the public. Among them, all the clues handed over by the Central Anti-crime Supervision Group and the Henan Provincial Party Committee Inspection Group have been completed, and the Chinese Ministry of Public Security supervised the transfer of clues to 98%.

  After verification, a total of 561 black-related evil-gang groups were found in Henan, and a group of black-related criminal organizations including Zhengzhou Ma Shuxi, Luoyang Di Zhimin and Hebi Li Hanfu were dug up.

  Under the command and coordination of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, the Henan Provincial Public Security Department's Anti-Black Office, the "Hunting Fox Office" and other departments are actively working to successfully persuade from the Philippines and New Zealand to invest in the National Anti-Black Office and the Chinese Ministry of Public Security's listed black cases involving major suspects. People Liang Moumou and 3 others.

  According to the report, in 2019, the public satisfaction rate of Henan province’s public safety and the effectiveness of the special anti-crime campaign reached 96.36% and 96.14% respectively, up 2.63 and 3.07 percentage points year-on-year, a record high.

  Zhao Genyuan, director of the Henan Provincial Public Security Department's Anti-Illegal Office and head of the Criminal Investigation Corps, said that in the next step, the provincial police will focus on key tasks, increase efforts to overcome difficulties, improve the quality and effectiveness of clue verification, and speed up the verification of unfinished clues. . At the same time, pay close attention to expanding the line and open source, and dig out a group of criminal gangs involved in the dark and evil. (Finish)