[Editor's note]: "Dushan County's debt of 40 billion yuan" is actually a socially influential event in 2019.

  According to the Xinhuanet Guiyang report, in December 2019, the Anshun Intermediate People's Court of Guizhou Province publicly heard the case of Pan Zhili, the former secretary of the Dushan County Party Committee, on the crime of bribery and abuse of power.

  At the beginning of 2019, Liang Jiageng, the former secretary of the Sandu County Party Committee, was sentenced to 10 years in prison at the first instance for a crime of bribery and a fine of RMB 1 million. According to reports, the two had worked together in Dushan County for many years and served as the secretary of the county party committee. They were arbitrarily acting, keen to spread stalls and projects, and build political achievement projects. Now they are left with a mess.

  Recently, the incident has once again attracted attention, stemming from a previous Weibo called "Look at yourself how Dushan County burned 40 billion!" Anniversary Special (Part 1) video.

  In the video, the photographer "Ma Qianzuo" visited various exotic buildings in Dushan County, and most of them are still in an unfinished state, but the construction party has stopped work.

  In just a few years, 40 billion yuan of financing has created such a breathtaking landscape, making a little-known county in the southwest famous.

Burning 40 billion "architectural wonders"

  The most striking thing in the video is the "First World Water Tower" located in Jingxin Valley Scenic Area in Dushan County. The building is 240 meters long, 99.9 meters high and 36 meters deep. It covers an area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters and has 24 floors. It is magnificent and stands on the top of a mountain. It is called "Guizhou Potala Palace".

  The construction of the Shuisi Building began in September 2016, with the aim of creating a large-scale complex integrating exhibition and exhibition, hotel accommodation, and sightseeing. After its completion, Shuisilou also declared three world records: the world's tallest glazed pottery building, Shui, Buyi, and Miao nationality elements, the world's tallest building, and the world's largest archway.

  In a report published by China News Service (Hunan) in 2017, there was a description of "Shuisi Building": "The world's first Shuisi Building cost 300 million yuan to build. It is a national building with a wooden frame and tenon structure. It is the world's largest and tallest all-wood national ancient building. Among them, the Shuisilou door court, the Shuisilou glazed pottery exterior, and the white marble and lion in front of the Shuisilou are also the world's best works of Guinness."

  However, from the video that was exposed recently, it can be seen that the "ghost axe" is seen in the distance, but when you look closer, in addition to the three wooden structures on the front of the arch, there is a huge rough concrete building behind. Decoration, scattered stones on the square, few people seem to be interested.

  The reporter learned that the designer behind the "Shuisi Building" is named Li Hongjin, a Tujia nationality in western Hunan. He is a planning designer in the field of ethnic cultural architecture and tourist attractions.

  From his resume, he has been good at creating architectural works with ethnic characteristics for more than 20 years. His main representative works include Hunan "Zhangjiajie Tusi City", "Zhangjiajie Tujia Customs Garden Nineth Heaven", Hubei "Enshi Tusi City", Chongqing "Pengshui" "Chi You Jiuli City", "Shui Tusi Building", "Cliff Sky Street" and "Jiujiu Hall" are known as "Xianxi Ghost Talents" in the architectural field.

  According to data from "Tianyanzha", Li Hongjin has 10 companies, of which 7 are in Hunan and 2 are in Guizhou, including Guizhou Jingxingu Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (51% shareholding).

  The reporter repeatedly called Xiangxi Suntree National Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. where his studio is located, but no one answered. According to the "First List of 2020 Wage Arrears for Famous Workers Wages" announced by the Guizhou Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security on April 9, 2020, Li Hongjin’s company Xiangxi Sun Tree owed 17 farmers wages, totaling 137.632 million. Yuan has been included in the blacklist of migrant workers in arrears in Guizhou.

  "The World's First Water Division" is just a small part of Jingxingu Scenic Area.

  According to the official website of Jingxingu Scenic Area, the scenic area is located in Yingshan Town, Dushan County, Guizhou Province. It covers an area of ​​207 square kilometers and has a total investment of 12 billion yuan. It was officially put into operation in September 2017. It is a self-cultivation, summer vacation, health care and old-age care. , Outdoor adventure, tourism destination.

  In addition to the building of Shuisi Building in the scenic area, there are Daguan Garden, Kuiwen Pavilion, Yingshan Ancient Town, Shuisifutang, Jingxin Lake, Rouge Bay, Baili Canyon, Azalea Sea, Fengdongshi, Wulongshan Waterfall, General and other natural and cultural landscapes. Although the Shuisi Building is "bad", as a part of the scenic area, it has been in a state of "opening to the outside world". Jingxin Valley Scenic Spot, the signature attraction of Dushan County. 

  The reporter called Jingxingu Scenic Area. The staff of the scenic area said that Shuisi Building is a tourist attraction in the scenic area. Tourists can take “photographs” outside, but they cannot enter the internal tour, because the subsequent scenic area will take “further” on Shuisi Building. Build.

  The ticket price of the listed gate in the scenic spot is 80 yuan, but because of the preferential travel policy after the epidemic, it is free of tickets until July.

  The reporter found that among the many landmark buildings and scenic spots exposed by the video, Jingxingu Scenic Area has been regarded as a relatively well-developed and mature operation scenic area.

  However, with such a huge investment, does this scenic spot located deep in the southwest county have enough charm to attract merchants to stay and can it bring stable passenger flow?

  Is this a risk-free adventure? Or a generous investment that can wait to return?

In ten years, the poverty-stricken county's "makeover"

  From Pan Zhili's reassignment to Guizhou in 2010, he became the secretary of the Dushan County Party Committee of Guizhou Province (since 2014, he also served as the secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Dushan Economic Development Zone in Guizhou), to the "falling horse" in 2019. In just ten years, Dushan The "thrilling" development of the county has made many people unable to remember what it used to be.

  Dushan County is a part of Guinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou Province. It is located at the southernmost tip of Guizhou and borders Guangxi. It is an indispensable place for Guizhou Province and even the southwestern region to enter the estuary of Guangdong and Guangxi. It is known as the "South Gate of Guizhou". The ecological environment in the territory is superior, with unique karst landforms, forest parks and rich humanities resources of ethnic minorities.

  It has a population of approximately 370,000 and was one of the 47 national poverty counties in Guizhou Province. However, on March 3 this year, the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government issued the “Announcement on the Sequence of Exiting Poverty Counties from 24 Counties (Districts) such as Zheng’an, Changshun County, Dushan County, Sandu County, Libo County, Pingtang County , 6 counties in Luodian County are listed.

  Dushan County has already achieved “removing poverty and removing hats”. According to the official website of Dushan County Government, the total GDP of Dushan County in 2018 was 9.434 billion yuan, an increase of 12.5%, and the growth rate ranked third in the state.

  Mr. He is a native of the Buyi nationality in Dushan County. He did not expect that his hometown would "become popular" in such a way.

  He recalled to reporters that the current location of Shuisi Building had nothing but a Kui Wen Pavilion in the past, and almost everything he saw today was later built.

  Kuiwen Pavilion was built in the twelfth year of Tongzhi in Qing Dynasty (1873). The ancients believed that there were Wenquxing stars, and literati would be born in later generations, so it was named Kuiwen Pavilion. According to legend, Mo Youzhi, a famous literati in the late Qing Dynasty, once wrote an inscription here as a memorial. Mo Youzhi is a Dushan native, a lithologist and calligrapher in the late Qing Dynasty, and an important member of the Song poetry school. He and Zunyi Zheng Zhen also called "Southwest giant Confucianism".

  "In 2018, I went to Jingxin Lake Scenic Area once. Construction was still going on in the park at the time, but it had already started to receive tourists. The tickets cost dozens of dollars, and there are snack streets, homestays, and various kinds of ethnic minority jewelry. The gift shop is quite crowded and quite lively. However, after October 2018, some shops may be closed one after another due to funding problems."

  Mr. He feels that although many netizens think that the "Shuisi Building" has a wonderful shape, the building can be said to have become a landmark building in Dushan County. At the same time, as a minority "building museum", it is still worth a look .

  "To be honest, there are not many traditional minority buildings here. The wood carvings and tenon-and-mortise structure of Shuisi Building still refer to some Shui and Buyi cultures to a certain extent, and there is a certain degree of appreciation." Mr. He Say.

  However, not all buildings conform to local characteristics. The "Ancient Museum" appearing in the video is very similar to the "Forbidden City" in Beijing. It is said to be the only museum in the county. It can be seen immediately after entering the Dushan County from the highway. It is very eye-catching.

  Jingjing, a netizen from Dushan, said he could see the "Forbidden City" from home. It stands in a bungalow, very abrupt. She said: "Remember that when I was in junior high school, the tallest building in the county was 12 floors. After the secretary came, the whole city was basically demolishing. Grandpa's house, grandma's house and my house were all demolished. Every time I went home It’s all changing. Last night in the circle of friends, I saw that everyone was transferring this video. I was in a very complicated mood.

  "In recent years, infrastructure construction has changed a lot, including roads and new rural construction, and the county town has become more modern than before. At the beginning of development, many people in surrounding counties said they were envious and felt that we are developing fast here. ," said Mr. He. "But all this is'too radical'."

Can the "bad end" project be resurrected by "hunting strange"

  Mr. He said that in the 1980s, Dushan County was well-known for its antimony deposits. At the end of the 1990s, as antimony deposits decreased, it gradually declined. Dushan has "three acids", hydrochloric acid dishes, shrimp acid and stinky acid. Except for the backpackers who come here occasionally, most people from other provinces, and even people from other cities in the province, know very little about Dushan County.

  Lind from Zunyi, Guizhou told Peng Mei News that due to the remote location and inconvenient transportation, Dushan County is not well known in Guizhou Province.

  "From Guiyang to the highway to Dushan, there are tunnels along the way, and there are no supporting hotels in the area. I don't think it has become a necessary condition for a scenic spot."

  "My impression is that only locals will go, and outsiders rarely come to Dushan for fun. At most, they pass by car. There used to be a forest park where you can barbecue and swim, but later it was abandoned, and the rest is Mo You. Zhi Memorial Hall, Kui Wen Pavilion, Deep River Bridge and so on." Netizen Jing Jing said.

  So, after "burning" 40 billion, will it be demolished or left? This is everyone's biggest question about the future fate of Dushan County's "Rotten Tail Project".

  According to previous reports from Peng Mei News, Dushan County issued a document on the WeChat public account "Damian Dushan" that the new leadership team in Dushan County aimed at the image projects, political achievement projects and rotten tails that had been left over due to blind debts and messes. Engineering problems, and effectively promote the rectification of problems.

  At present, 18 continuation projects have been completed, 32 are under construction, and 17 have been converted. For example, the reconstruction was carried out on the basis of the original Wucheng Ancient Theatre Building and the Three Great Temples project, which attracted enterprises to revitalize their assets. As another example, the “Shuisi Building” (Jingxingu Hotel) project, which is of concern to the society, will enter into construction in the near future through hard work and a market-oriented operation model.

  In addition, with "Let's see how Dushan County burned 40 billion yuan!" An interesting phenomenon in the popularity of the Anniversary Special (Part 1) video is that, out of the psychology of "hunting for strangeness", many netizens have started to develop interest in small towns in the southwest, and they have also made suggestions on the reuse of the "bad end project"-

  "Since this is already the case, find a way to use it. To be honest, after watching the video, I think I can play it, that is, the supporting facilities need to be improved", "Directly make it into a film and television city, let the crew film the movie", "I suggest Change Shuisi Building into a large secret room escape theme museum, the effect should be good", "It is recommended that the county develop a "fantastic trip" tourist route, I believe it can attract a group of backpackers", "Hurry to turn waste into treasure, and recover losses One point is one point...

  In an interview with reporters, city planner Li Hao said that with the rise of network influence, it is not necessarily a "bad thing" for Dushan County.

  "Some strange buildings like the Tianzi Hotel in Sanhe City, Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang Chinese and Western Compound Building, which were also popular on the Internet, can eventually become an alternative tourist destination that can be punched in. So if Dushan County is good Use it, maybe you can find a model or selling point for'self-help' to attract tourism real estate developers who are willing to take over."

  "Of course,'Sword Goes Slanting', you must have the courage to be the first to eat crabs." Li Hao added.

  Mr. He, who lives in Dushan County, also believes that a company is willing to take over and revive the surplus resources now is the biggest expectation of Dushan County, but for now, this is always a "hot potato".

  "Only attracting tourists from outside, the return period is also very long. In the final analysis, it is still a population problem. The population of Dushan County is only more than 300,000, and the local market is very small." He said. 1919 Republican style street. 

  On the website of the People’s Government of Dushan County, an investment advertisement about “1919 Republic of China Customs Street” attracted attention. "1919 Republic of China Customs Street" is built on the theme of the Republic of China style. Construction began in 2017. The project covers an area of ​​35 acres with a total construction area of ​​54417 square meters.

  The ad reads: "Welcome to consult and subscribe and discuss cooperation. With 1919, to achieve wealth freedom, prime locations, independent shops, give you a lifetime of worry. I am waiting for you on Min Guo Street!"

  Surging news reporter Wang Yu