Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi revealed his thoughts on'Human Charm Key'.

Yesterday (14th) Netflix official Instagram account posted a video of Lee Seung-gi's interview. In the Netflix original series'Together', Lee Seung-ki called Taiwanese actor Ryu Yi-ho "I have grown up. It is now an entertaining stone" and foreseeed'Bold Bromans'.
In the meantime, when asked about the key, Lee Seung-ki said, "When the Corona 19 virus spread this time, there was Lee Seung-gi and he said, "Is Korea still better?" "What I want to tell you is, I am a natural disaster specialist, and I can't do the pestilence," he said.

Since then, in one of the'together' scenes, Lee Seung-gi, who says "I'm a weather fairy," continued to laugh.

Annapurna, who was invisible due to the clouds, happened a few minutes before Lee Seung-gi's visit, and suddenly it stopped raining when Lee Seung-gi appeared. "But now I believe."
Earlier, Lee Seung-ki's owner was known as ``Week to avoid war and natural disasters'', and whenever the various disasters in the country occurred, netizens wondering about where Lee Seung-gi was coming from. The typhoon forces weakened shortly after returning home.

The netizens responded, such as "Where do you defeat natural disasters?", "Keep living in Korea."

(Photo = Netflix Korea YouTube/Instagram)