$ 450,000 in revenue was raised this weekend by the redistribution in American theaters, last Friday, of the cult film of the Star Wars saga released in 1980, "The Empire Strikes Back". And forty years after its first broadcast, the second feature of the original trilogy has even risen to the top of the box office across the Atlantic. 

A film that trusts the first place of the box office forty years after its release, here is what is astonishing and new. It must be said that this is not just any film, but The Empire Against Attack,  second part of the original trilogy Star Wars saga . The feature was released last Friday in American theaters. And it's a full box again!

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Luke Skywalker and his friends earned more than $ 450,000 in revenue this weekend. And this success, it is explained in particular by the conditions of projection of the film:  The empire against attack  is indeed visible in 480 "Drive In" across the country. The "Drive In" are these open-air cinemas, perfect for respecting social distancing and therefore very fashionable since the start of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic.

Star Wars is not the only franchise to know this situation. The teeth of the sea , Ghostbusters  and Jurassic Park are also experiencing a new youth in American cinemas. By shifting the release of summer blockbusters, Hollywood studios thus give free rein to the reissue of old films. But there is already a threat. On Monday evening, California decided to close all its cinemas again. May the force be with them!