Shimane Eno River flood Damage caused by flooding of houses and flooding of roads, etc.Unclear July 14, 19:14

The local government along the Eno River in Shimane Prefecture, where the flooding occurred, caused damage such as flooding of houses and flooding of roads. As a result, the full extent of the damage is unknown.

Of these, according to Gotsu City, one inundation damage was reported in Sakurazucho Tazu, where flooding occurred, and one infloor inundation and one in Minamikawakami, Kawahiramachi.

However, in the city, inundation has been confirmed in a wide area in the Oda and Tazu districts of Sakurae Town, and the city wants to wait for the water to drain before proceeding with confirmation of the situation.

In addition, in Misato Town, 2 cases of flood damage on the floor and 6 cases of flood damage under the floor were confirmed.

In addition, there were three reports of underfloor inundation damage in Kawamoto Town, but it is expected that the number of damages will increase in the future.

According to Shimane Prefecture, due to flooding of roads and inflow of earth and sand, national highway 261 and major local roads are closed to traffic throughout the prefecture, mainly in the western part of the prefecture.

According to the prefecture, there are 33 closed roads at 2:00 pm, including 9 in Gotsu, 7 in Kawamoto, and 4 in Misato. ..