Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 14: Recently, the State Council approved the investigation report on the "3.7" collapse of the Xinjia Hotel in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and determined that the "3.7" collapse of the Xinjia Hotel in Quanzhou, Fujian Province was a major violation of the law. Major production safety responsibility accidents resulting from the collapse of buildings due to construction, alteration and reinforcement construction.

  At 19:14 on March 7, 2020, the collapse of the building where the Xinjia Hotel in Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province occurred, caused 29 deaths and 42 injuries, and a direct economic loss of 59.94 million yuan. At the time of the incident, the hotel was a centralized isolation and health observation point for outsiders to prevent and control the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in Licheng District, Quanzhou.

  After the accident, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it. General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instruction at the first time, demanding full efforts to rescue the missing couples and actively treating the wounded; emphasizing that the country is currently resuming work and resuming production. It is necessary to ensure safe production and ensure that no secondary events occur disaster. Prime Minister Li Keqiang immediately issued instructions, demanding full search and rescue of the trapped persons, timely treatment of the wounded, and the protection of the rescuers themselves, as soon as possible to identify the cause of the accident and accountability according to law. The emergency management department, the housing urban and rural construction department and other relevant departments dispatched working groups to the scene overnight to guide local emergency rescue, accident investigation and aftermath disposal. The National Health and Health Commission dispatched a team of medical and health emergency experts to support local emergency response work such as the treatment of the wounded.

  Although this accident was not of a sufficiently serious accident level, it was of a serious nature and bad influence. According to relevant laws and regulations such as the “Safe Production Law” and “Regulations on Reporting, Investigation and Handling of Production Safety Accidents”, the State Council approved the establishment of the Emergency Management Department to lead Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, National Health Commission, National Federation of Trade Unions and Fujian Provincial Government are the member units of the State Council of Fujian Province Quanzhou Xinjia Hotel "3·7" collapse accident investigation team to conduct a leveling investigation. The accident investigation team hires experts in engineering survey and design, engineering construction management, construction engineering quality and safety management, and public safety to participate in the investigation. The accident investigation team of the State Council has identified the direct cause and nature of the accident through on-site investigations, sampling and testing, investigation and evidence collection, data review, personnel inquiries, and expert argumentation, as well as the problem of violation of laws and regulations by accident companies and intermediaries. Relevant local governments and relevant departments have problems in supervision, analyzed the main lessons of the accident, proposed measures for prevention and rectification, and formed an accident investigation report.

  In order to ensure that the accident investigation report is scientifically rigorous and the responsibility determination is accurate, the accident investigation team of the State Council organized a number of authoritative experts such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law, and the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China (National School of Administration) to hold a third-party expert demonstration At the meeting, the accident investigation report was evaluated and argued that the accident investigation verified the corporate main responsibility, department supervision responsibility and party committee government leadership responsibility according to law and regulations. The cause and nature of the accident were analyzed and determined accurately, and the facts were clear, objective and fair.

  After investigation, it was found that the direct cause of the accident was that the accident-responsible unit Quanzhou Xinxing Electromechanical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. changed the Xinjia Hotel building from the original four-layer illegally increased mezzanine into seven floors, reaching the ultimate bearing capacity and being in a critical state of collapse. In addition, the illegal reinforcement and welding operations on the bottom support steel column before the incident caused the steel column to become unstable and destroyed, resulting in the overall collapse of the building.

  The accident investigation team of the State Council found that Quanzhou Xinxing Electromechanical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Xinjia Hotel and its actual controller Yang Jinqiang disregarded the relevant laws and regulations of the country regarding urban and rural planning, construction, safety production and administrative licensing, illegal construction and construction, fraudulently obtained administrative license The responsibility for safe production has not been implemented for a long time. Intermediary service organizations such as related engineering quality inspection, architectural design, fire detection, and decoration design undertaking business in violation of regulations, issue false reports, and produce false materials to help accident companies pass administrative examination and approval.

  The accident investigation team of the State Council also determined that the housing urban and rural construction departments of Fujian Province, Quanzhou City, and Licheng District did not seriously fulfill the safety supervision responsibilities of the construction authority, and did not stop and investigate and deal with the long-term illegal construction behaviors such as Xinjia hotel buildings, and organized violations. In the areas of construction and rectification, inspection of hidden dangers in housing safety and rectification, housing and urban-rural construction, the “fighting non-government and illegality” work is not effective, and it is seriously neglected. Fujian Province, Quanzhou City Land and Land Planning Department, Quanzhou City, Licheng District City Management Department, Public Security Department, and Fire Departments have not fulfilled their supervisory responsibilities, and the law enforcement is not strict, and the administrative examination and control have been lost, and the Quanzhou Xinxing Electromechanical Industry and Trade Company, Xinjia Illegal construction of hotels, fraudulent and fraudulent fraud to obtain administrative licenses, and other violations of laws and regulations were not promptly discovered and investigated. Changtai Street, Licheng District, Quanzhou City has not reported and investigated and dealt with illegal and illegal construction and reconstruction of Xinjia Hotel buildings for a long time, and the territorial management responsibility is seriously lacking; it is not serious and irresponsible in the special governance of illegal construction and the investigation of hidden dangers of houses, and there are obvious Loopholes and serious formalism. Research and promulgation of Licheng District beyond the authority and implementation of special circumstances of building policies, approval of violations and approval of the construction of Xinjia hotel buildings and other large illegal construction projects; irresponsible work in the management of illegal major construction of all major special actions, let a large number of illegal construction long-term existence; When setting up centralized isolation health observation points, ignore the quality and safety of house construction, and make rash decisions. Quanzhou has failed to implement the local party and government leading cadres’ safety production responsibility system regulations, and has overruled oversight of the long-standing illegal and illegal approval of construction projects in its jurisdiction. Investigate and deal with illegal construction projects.

  The public security organs adopted criminal coercive measures against 23 responsible persons suspected of committing crimes, including Yang Jinqiang. For the relevant public officials involved in the accident, the Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection established the accountability investigation and investigation team to conduct investigation and investigation according to the relevant regulations; the accident investigation team of the State Council investigates the problems and suspected corruption of the public officials of the local party committee and relevant departments found. Other clues and related materials are transferred to the Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission investigation and investigation team. The opinions on the handling of accountability and accountability of public officials will be announced separately by the Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection.

  The accident investigation report pointed out that the concept of "life first, safety first" in relevant localities and departments in Fujian Province has not been firmly established, the administrative awareness in accordance with the law is weak, the supervision and law enforcement are seriously irresponsible, the problem of formalism in the investigation and governance of hidden safety hazards is outstanding, and the relevant departments are checked and approved The main lesson in 6 aspects such as loss of compliance, indiscriminate behavior of enterprises in violation of laws and regulations. At the same time, it put forward six suggestions for prevention and rectification measures, emphasizing that local party committee governments and relevant departments, especially Fujian Province, Quanzhou City, and Licheng District, should deeply learn the painful lessons of the accident, and effectively shoulder the major responsibility of preventing and resolving security risks. Ensure the safety of the people’s lives and put them in the first place; leading cadres at all levels should strengthen the thinking of the rule of law and adhere to the administration of the law, improve the quality of the rule of law and the ability to rule by law; the housing and urban-rural construction department should follow the “three musts” and “one post and two responsibilities” Regulations and the principle of "who is in charge of who is responsible", strictly fulfill the responsibility of construction safety supervision, revise and improve relevant construction laws and regulations and safety standards in conjunction with relevant departments, and comprehensively strengthen the construction safety of epidemic-related places, various types of centralized resettlement places and hotels, houses, etc. The level of security; local governments and relevant departments at all levels should deepen the construction and construction of "fighting non-governance violations" and the investigation and management of hidden safety hazards; all relevant departments should improve the working mechanism of information sharing and coordination between all the gates; all regions and relevant departments must solidly develop cities The three-year action on the special rectification of work safety such as construction safety will fundamentally eliminate hidden dangers of accidents.