Go Nakamura Hajime is defeated in the first round. Senjo Cup Women's Strongest Round Main Round 1 July 13 18:47

The youngest go player in Go, the sixth grade elementary school student, Nakadura Nakadan, played for the first time against a female top player, Aisaki Ueno, and female inhonbo, but he couldn't win.

Last year, the 6th grade elementary school student in Osaka City, who became a professional shogi player at the age of 10 years and 0 months, the youngest in history, 11th Dan Nakamura (11) qualified last month in the "Ogi Cup Women's Strongest Battle" 3 consecutive wins and decided to enter the main match, and on the 13th, the first round of the main tournament with 16 players was held at Nippon Kiin in Tokyo.

The opponent was Aisaki Ueno, a female top chess player, and Ryuhon Enbo (18), who played against the title holder for the first time, but at about 5 pm, with 164 hands, the black-ranked Nakamura 1st dan was pushed out. It was.

It was the second time that Nakamura Hatsudan passed the qualifying and participated in the main match for the second time after last year's "Women's Gogi Holy Battle", but just as at this time, it did not break through the first match.