China News Service Zhuhai, July 14 (Reporter Deng Yuanwen) On the evening of the 13th, Zhuhai City's new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued a notice saying that it was decided by communication between the governments of Guangdong and Macao from 6:00 on July 15. , For people entering Guangdong Province from the Guangdong-Macao Port, they will no longer be subject to centralized isolation for 14 days of medical observation.

  The scope of this exemption for centralized medical observation includes personnel entering Guangdong Province from the Guangdong-Macao Port. However, patients with confirmed diagnosis, suspected patients, close contacts, and fever or respiratory symptoms of New Coronary Pneumonia are excluded from those who have a history of foreign or other overseas travel within 14 days before coming to Guangdong.

  Before entering the country, qualified personnel must go to a qualified testing institution approved by Guangdong and Macao for nucleic acid testing and log in to the "Macao Health Code" and convert the "Guangdong Health Code" within 24 hours before entry. Complete the customs health declaration and obtain the "customs clearance certificate" of the Guangdong Kang code.

  Immigrants not only need to present the “Korean Customs Clearance Voucher” for customs clearance, but also actively cooperate with the relevant departments of the Guangdong and Macao governments in epidemic prevention and security inspections, carry mobile phones with mainland numbers and keep communication smooth.

  At the same time, the notice mentioned that people entering Macau from Macau can only operate in 9 cities including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing. Among them, Macao residents working and living in Guangdong Province and Mainland residents returning to Guangdong from Australia are limited to activities within the scope of Guangdong Province after entry.

  Immigrants must log in to "Yuekang Code" every day within 14 days after entering the country and use the "Hong Kong and Macao Inbound Person Health Declaration" function to declare their personal health status. If the scope of activities is expanded without authorization or relevant regulations are violated, the qualification for exemption from centralized medical observation for 14 days will be cancelled and classified according to the relevant regulations of the two governments. (Finish)