College Entrance Examination in 2020: Determination after Superposition of Multiple Uncertainties

  Written and written by: Reporter Zhang Gailun Planning: Chen Lei

  The college entrance examination has ended, but the thrilling journey of his son Chen Xuedong's rush to the exam on July 7th still continues to appear in Xu Xiaoqiao's mind.

  Overnight, the road from home to Shexian Middle School in Anhui Province was flooded. The water was so fierce that the family car could not be driven. The father of the child called for help from the neighbor and sent the family to the examination room in a truck. Halfway through, the water was too deep and the truck could not move forward. They got out of the car and tried to walk, but in front of them there was muddy yellow torrents and nowhere to go.

  In a daze, an old man rowed over in the rain without collecting money, and took the candidates to "cross the river."

  Chen Xuedong squatted in the boat, bumping and swaying all the way, "ride the wind and waves" to reach the test site.

  It usually takes only 15 minutes to drive, but has experienced more than an hour of wind and rain.

  "The experience of that day will be unforgettable forever... There will be many hardships in the future, but I believe you will face it positively, solve it, and be accompanied by good people, and noble people help." Xu Xiaoqiao wrote to his son on the WeChat circle of friends.

 rainstorm? ! It's destiny

  On July 7, affected by continuous heavy rains and upstream flood peaks, many roads in She County had serious water accumulation. Candidates for the college entrance examination could not reach the test site smoothly, and the Chinese and Mathematics examinations were postponed. On the 9th, She County used spare papers to make up for the exam.

  Many people speculate that the sudden cancellation and postponement of the exam will collapse the mentality of the candidates in She County. Someone wrote almost sadly: "It's obviously not far from the examination room, but it can't be reached. The despair at that moment...I have the urge to cry."

  After the college entrance examination, Zhang Yang, a senior high school candidate in She County, recalled his feelings at the time and could not find too much "self-complaint" or "sadness" in the outside world. "I think it's very special, it's a fate arrangement!"

  On July 7, Zhang Yang, who was supposed to go to the No. 2 Middle School Examination in She County, was trapped in heavy rain with his classmates.

  The school bus did not show up, and the teacher took hundreds of students to the government office (place name) to wait. Zhang Yang heard that the next line was to take a boat ride to the test center. She looked at the road ahead and could not tell how deep the water was.

  A group of people, holding an umbrella and raining, began to wait.

  At the beginning, everyone was worried about being late. As the distance got closer and closer to nine, the anxious emotions receded. Several classmates held mobile phones to see if it was hot searched. Zhang Yang stood behind the team and waited until 10 o'clock, there was a commotion in the crowd-news came from the front and the language test was cancelled.

  "I sighed subconsciously, but I don't know why I sighed." She added optimistically, "I haven't taken the boat yet!" She was a little sorry for the lack of this experience, but then felt relaxed again- At least temporarily no exam. After returning to the classroom, Zhang Yang only felt tired. "After standing in the rain for two hours, my back hurts and my legs hurt," she said.

  On July 8, the college entrance examination in She County continued as usual. After arriving at the test site, Zhang Yang found that the elder brother of the armed police stood in a row outside the door of the bus that sent the test. As soon as the door opened, they held up umbrellas from left to right, covering the students with a rain-free passage. "I was so moved that I almost burst into tears." Zhang Yang said.

  That day, another small city also went on a hot search-Huangmei County, Hubei Province.

  In the early morning of the 8th, more than 500 college entrance examination students from Huaning High School in Huangmei County were trapped by waterlogging caused by a sudden rainstorm. The water depth of the school is 1.6 meters, and students cannot go to the test site.

  Later, the girls in Huaning High School were squatted in the bucket of a forklift and were transferred to the test center. Trapped candidates also took part in the exam one after another.

  The empty seats in the examination room during the comprehensive examination made Wang Meiyuan, a senior high school candidate in Huangmei No.1 middle school, feel something was wrong. After finishing the exam, she checked on the Internet, only to realize that these students experienced such a thrilling road to the exam. "It's quite surprising... and it feels like a witness to history."

  Actually, it has been raining for a long time. In Wang Jiayuan's memory, since July 4, the rain has hardly stopped. On the two days of the exam, Wang Jiayuan sat in the back seat of his mother's electric car and went to the exam room. Because of the trouble, she didn't wear a raincoat, so she held an umbrella. When I arrived at the test center, my coat and sneakers were wet.

  "The contrast with last year is very strong. When the exam was last year, the sun was great." Wang Jiayuan is a repeater, and her goal this year is to enter the 211 college.

  Now, her impression of the college entrance examination has become wet, but also fresh. "We are so special."

I was in the epicenter of the epidemic, but it was not that difficult

  The 2020 college entrance examination students encountered an "unprecedented", is the first large-scale postponement since the resumption of college entrance examination-college entrance examination delayed from June to July.

  On the morning of July 7, outside a test center in Wuhan, some parents choked out in an interview: "This year there is an epidemic and the college entrance examination has encountered such heavy rain. It is really not easy for children."

  Affected by the new Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Wuhan, a large city, was "closed" for 76 days.

  Candidates interviewed in Wuhan also joked, exaggeratingly "wailing": "We are too difficult." But they also admitted that these are life experiences, and now I think about it, and I don't think it's a big deal. "Everyone is the same."

  Shortly after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Tang Wenjia's grandparents were admitted to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital because of infection with the new crown virus. My dad went to the hospital to deliver things. When he came back, he told Tang Wenjia that there were quite a few people and the situation was more serious.

  Tang Wenjia is a freshman graduating from a senior high school in Wuhan. After a period of panic and worry, she also calmed down and concentrated on reviewing at home. "You can't do anything else, it would be better to do what you can do," she said.

  She would still pay attention to the news related to the epidemic, and was moved by the medical staff again and again. "I can't see this kind of thing, and I can't control it when I look at it." Tang Wenjia even felt that if he studied science, he would simply go to study medicine.

  On March 31, Tang Wenjia saw the news that the college entrance examination was postponed. Her first thought was: fake it. Later, the news was overwhelming, and she realized that incredible things really happened, even the college entrance examination was postponed.

  When it was really July, Tang Wenjia had "forgotten" the matter of "postponement". She told herself-I should have taken the exam on July 7.

  Is this candidate special? It's really special. The weather was not good on the exam day, but Tang Wenjia talked about the "little luck" when he went to the exam. She thought it would get wet, and brought a whole set of clothes, thinking about going to the test site for a change. "As a result, it was so coincident that when we set off and returned, the rain didn't rain much!"

  During the two days of the test, the whole family stayed together in a hotel near the test site. Mother specially put on the skirt she wore to accompany Tang Wenjia on the exam day three years ago. The exam was good. This time she wore auspicious pictures. Dad drove more than 20 kilometers before the meal, to Tang Wenjia's favorite restaurant to order food.

  Tang Wenjia is the only art student in the class, but she wants to get a grade that can be ranked among art students in the province. Because of her high demands on herself, she often suffers from great anxiety and self-denial.

  But even in this mood, she can find some simple happiness.

  Tang Wenjia's college entrance exams are different from those of his classmates. A few days before the exam, she learned that the most popular political teacher came to send her the exam alone. "I think the world is bright, they didn't abandon me, I am also valued!" Tang Wenjia's tone jumped.

  She shared these details and asked with some uncertainty: "Does everyone care about my exams, is there nothing to say?" She was in the epicenter of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic and was so close to the epidemic, but in Tang Wenjia In the memories of the third year of high school, the epidemic situation is not a protagonist.

  Like the senior three students in other regions, after finishing the final exam, Tang Wenjia felt like nothingness. "I usually take many exams, and every time I finish the exam, there is the next time." This time, the goal I struggled for every day seemed to be suddenly taken away. "There is no chance for the mistakes made during the exam to be corrected next time."

  There are no exams and no classes tomorrow.

  Switch between suspension-resumption-and suspension

  For Tian Mingyu, a senior three student at Beijing 101 Middle School, the day of "no class tomorrow" came earlier than expected.

  In mid-June, Beijing had a cluster epidemic. On June 15, middle school non-graduation grades and elementary schools in many areas of Beijing have suspended classes.

  Tian Mingyu originally thought that the suspension of the class had nothing to do with himself. Late at night on the 16th, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission issued a notice that the third grade of the early high school also resumed online teaching at home simultaneously. The news made her a little dazed. Tian Mingyu was used to going to bed early, but she couldn’t sleep that day. She was restless: she didn’t want to take online lessons, and she didn’t know if the materials she put in the classroom could be taken home.

  The first two classes on the morning of June 17 were originally geography classes. The geography teacher acted quickly and distributed a bunch of learning materials in the class group that will be used later. Some students said: "The teacher looks so calm!" Geography teacher replied: "I am a teacher, of course I can't be nervous."

  It wasn't until the early hours of the 17th that the school made it clear that high school students can return to school the next day to pack up.

  In this way, June 17 became the last day they stayed in school as a student.

  After being delayed for a month, I was inexplicably pressed the fast forward button.

  Tian Mingyu remembered that when packing things, he was in a state of chaos. Everyone signed each other and tried hard to leave some commemoration for the classmates in high school. The classmates also tried to take a group photo, but the time for everyone to arrive at the school was different, and the people did not get together. "It would be nice if the school could make up for a graduation ceremony."

  In fact, the extended semester also made Tian Mingyu feel sorry. On June 21, a complete solar eclipse can be seen in parts of southern my country, which is considered to be a "miss once, wait another ten years". Tian Mingyu is an astronomy lover. She has already planned to visit Ali, Tibet.

  With the postponement of the college entrance examination and the epidemic, she was trapped at home. That day, Tian Mingyu watched a partial solar eclipse at the door of his community.

  For children, this epidemic in mid-June means the early end of high school life. But parents have more to consider.

  Starting from his son's home study on June 17, Li Qing became more cautious. For more than twenty days, all family shopping is done online. Did not go to the supermarket, did not go to any vegetable market, did not go to the restaurant to eat. "People, as little as you can."

  It's almost a slap, and if you accidentally coincide with the trajectory of the diagnosed case, the trouble will be even greater. Li Qing said that the situation of the epidemic changed "flickeringly"; her heart also followed ups and downs.

  In fact, throughout the second semester of high school, Li Qing can feel that his son's mentality is also ups and downs. "Many times I felt like I was going to collapse."

  His son's grades are good, but he is a sensitive child with a heavy heart and easy to get nervous. In the first mock test, my son was so nervous that he was sweating.

  "How do you say this?" Li Qing was anxious and went online to find a video of psychologists, screened a few suitable for his son, let him see it for himself, and taught him to accept his tension. "At this time, the child has a problem, you can give a solution, he will have a sense of security."

  Li Qing sighed. After all, accidents are one after another in 2020.

  On New Year's Day this year, the child was a little bit numb and had a fever. He went to the hospital to see it and said it was a flu. Two or three days later the fever subsided and he began to cough again. The child's chest hurts so much that it can't stand. When I went to the hospital again, it was pneumothorax. He was hospitalized and did not take the final exam.

  After that, "independent enrollment" was changed to the "strong base plan", the epidemic situation came, and the extended winter vacation came... After experiencing this, Li Qing felt that he was completely "Buddhist", and he had nothing to ask for: his son can be smooth. After the test is finished, there is nothing wrong, it is victory.

  On the afternoon of July 10, she watched her son's back enter the examination room, and the heart that lingered in the air for a long time before finally falling. "It doesn't matter if you don't take the exam, as long as you finish the exam, you will be satisfied."

  Tian Mingyu also belongs to the wave of candidates who finished the final exam on the afternoon of July 10. This year, nearly 50,000 Beijing candidates ushered in the first test of the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, which stretched to 4 days.

  After the exam, she walked around the test site for a while. For Tian Mingyu, the college entrance examination is tense and stressful, but it doesn't seem to be so "fatal." "The college entrance examination is not a "final test". It is a final test at the age of 18, what should I do when I am 81?"

  Li Qing told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that the growth of man is to go through it one by one. "The child happened to experience these things at this point in time, which may be a good thing." After all, there are college entrance examinations every year, but who has taken so many uncertainties in the college entrance examination? "This is an opportunity to exercise. They will encounter more difficult problems in the future, and it will not be difficult to meet those problems again." Li Qing said, "After all, they are so difficult for the college entrance examination, they all Come here."

  On the afternoon of July 9, the sky in the distance was still heavily pressed by the overcast clouds, but the sky had leaked out of the clouds.

  Xu Xiaoqiao was waiting for his son outside the test site. Among the crowd, not only parents, but also media reporters. Everyone lined up in two rows outside the school gate, like a farewell party.

  She held up her mobile phone and observed each child's expression when going out. A boy ran up and down, walking very briskly. Xu Xiaoqiao also shouted: "Run, boy!"

  At the end of the college entrance examination, the sun is shining, and Xu Xiaoqiao believes that this means that candidates of this session will be able to go smoothly on the sunny road.

  (At the request of the interviewees, Zhang Yang, Tang Wenjia, and Li Qing were aliased)