Among the signatories are Loulou LaMotte, Alice Boman and Markus Krunegård.

“We see full taverns, outdoor seating and overcrowded beaches and lawns. At the same time, musicians, stage workers and artists get on their knees and the crisis support is not enough, ”the signers write.

The letter writers emphasize that they understand that the pandemic is continuing and that they see the gravity of the situation, but they wonder why the rules differ so much: "We demand a clear explanation as to why our industry is being harsher more severely," they write.

"Do you want to keep your live scene?"

The initiator, musician Sibille Attar, writes in a statement to the Culture News that the call was born in a sense of frustration over the conflicting rules and the hope is to start a discussion involving the industry.

“Of course, this does not apply to artists in the first place, but as many venues, organizers, audio technicians, booking agents, security staff, etc. And actually audience. Do you as an audience want your live scene when this is over or is it ok for it to die out? " writes Sibille Attar.

The open letter has been submitted to the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Justice.

The cultural news seeks Minister of Culture Amanda Lind (MP) and Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson (S).