Lee Yun-ji confessed the moment she felt crisis in her marriage.

On the 13th, SBS'Dong Sang Imong Season 2-You Are My Destiny' revealed the couple of Yoon-Ji Jeong Han-ul, who appeared after the second childbirth.

On this day, Lee Yun-ji had a sweet-milk party with her husband Jeong Han-wool. In order to spend a little more time on his first daughter, Rani, he decided to decide on the second daughter.

Lee Yun-ji, who is drinking in two years, said, "People aren't like mothers of two daughters when they look at me. But when they see you, they have no choice but to be fathers of two daughters." "But I can't imagine my brother raising a son." . In response, Hanwool Jung attracted attention by saying, "Don't think you know everything about me."

Lee Yun-ji and Jeong Han-wool admitted that they do not fully understand each other, saying that they seem to know about 70% to 75% of each other. At this time, Yunji Lee surprised everyone by saying, "I still remember, but when I was about 3 years old, I had a crisis on my own."

Lee Yun-ji explained, "After the 3rd anniversary of wedding anniversary, I sat in a cafe alone, ordered a cappuccino, and just sat without drinking a sip."

Lee Yun-ji said frankly, "I'm not saying anything to my brother, but I really didn't have enough physical time, I didn't have enough time to say it was difficult, and as these things piled up, I didn't know about this life, I didn't even know this person, and I felt like that." Jeong Han-wool said, "I can't see each other."

Lee Yun-ji said, "It was a pity to talk, but I didn't have time to see my face, so it was a pity and the crisis came." Then Jung Han-wool said, "At that time, my feeling was always like that. All of your interests are only in Rani. I think I've said that two or three times at the time."

Lee Yun-ji said, "That's right. When I came home, I said there was no wife and only Lani's mother.

Jeong Han-ul honestly told the first daughter, Lani, about the times when all life had been matched and the time as a couple could not be enjoyed. Lee Yun-ji said, "I know it, but my heart wasn't there, so I had to do it."

Jeong Han-wool said, "I think I might have been a good wife, but I wasn't a good lover." Lee Yun-ji said, "You have a lot to say." Then Jung Han-wool said, "But I know that it won't change anyway."

Lee Yun-ji said, "I thought that the strength of our couple was a proper distance. We were told to keep a proper distance while we were married. However, since the relationship was short and we had a birth right away, it seemed to be difficult because we were struggling with childcare in a situation where we didn't know each other" I talked about the moment I came.

Kim Ji-ho, who looked at it, said, "I had a time like that. When my husband asked twenty times, he responded to a proposal to go out about once. And the husband who asked like that seemed insane. It was days that only I thought of a child. I wanted to be able to go there, and I never had any time, and it would never be a big deal at that time, but it would be a big deal without me at that time.

Meanwhile, in the video released at the end of the broadcast, the actor Song Chang's couple was expected to join, raising expectations.

(SBS funE Kim Hyo-jung Editor)