An elementary school will be built in China named after the group BTS member V (real name Kim Tae-hyeong).

On the 11th, BTS' Vai Doo Viva, China's largest fan club, announced the establishment of'Tae Hyung Hope Elementary School'. Baidu Viva announced that it has donated 500,000 yuan (about 85 million won) of Taehyung Hope Elementary School's construction fund through the'Hope Process Project' conducted by the China Youth Development Fund (CYDF).
Hope Fair Project is a public interest project aimed at improving the educational environment in poor and rural areas of China, and the China Youth Development Fund is collecting private donations. Many Korean companies in China, such as Samsung, LG Chem, and Hanwha, also participated in elementary school support projects through this fund.

In hopes of spreading V's good influence, BTS fans also joined the project, which began by donating some of the money raised by fans to celebrate V's birthday. At the time of the fundraising, more than 300 million won was collected in 10 minutes, and the K-Pop fandom birthday fundraising was also the shortest and highest ever.
Baidu Viva has continuously participated in various support activities as well as public interest projects and donation activities. Recently, the 100-meter-long road'Kim Tae-Hyeong-Ro' and 10-meter-long road for elementary school students in a poor school environment in the village of Jogyechon in southwestern Shanxi Province, China The bridge'Kim Tae-Hyeonggyo' was made to shine the name of V. Since then, this road and bridge were named'Kim Tae-Hyeong's Love Path'. 
Tae Hyung-Hee Elementary School, with a desire to grow up safely and happily for children, is looking for a site to be built in 2020, and Baidu Viva will reveal further progress in the future.

(Photo = CHINA Baidu Vbar Twitter, Big Hit Entertainment)