According to the monitoring data of the Yangtze River Hydrology Network, as of 12 o'clock on the 12th, the water level of the Hankou station in the Wuhan section of the Yangtze River has reached 28.69 meters, surpassing 28.66 meters on July 22, 1996, becoming the fourth new high in history since hydrological records. The Wuhan Municipal Government Information Office reported on the 12th that Tianxingzhou, located in the heart of the Yangtze River, had implemented flooding on the afternoon of the 11th. Before the flooding, all the people on Tianxingzhou had been safely transferred.

  According to reports, due to continuous heavy rainfall in the Yangtze River Basin, as of 17:00 on July 11, 2020, the water level of the Yangtze River Hankou Station reached 28.42 meters, and showed a continuous upward trend, exceeding the guaranteed water level of the dike by 1.42 meters, approaching Tianxingzhou dike elevation 28.50 Meter. In order to protect Tianxing's homeland and protect the lives and property of the common people, according to the scientific research and judgment of the flood control experts organized by the District Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, according to the Tianxing Township Flood Control Plan, the picking operation began at 17:00 on July 11 from the door of Zhouweikou Pakoukou flooded, slowly leading the river into the continent before the dike.

  It is reported that this is the first time since 2002 that Tianxingzhou has taken the initiative to flood. (Reporter Zou Hao)

Editor in charge: [Zhou Zhaojun]