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It's a story that has dog, biting and bristles. Well, now we've done the holy trinity of potential puns on this article, go on: in the Pyrenees-Orientales, assault dogs on factors increase since May and decontainment, report the ' Independent . In question, the outings of owners of furry animals with the summer, and therefore inevitably of their four-legged companion and canines.

The Independent found the testimony of a letter carrier victim of three canine assaults in seven years. The last one dates back to June, "when a dog comes out from under the cabin" and "bites his leg". She gets away with bad scars, but zero stitches, a rather lucky case. On average in Occitania, dog attacks generate eight days of RTT.

Mail carrier training

The Post took the problem by fangs (Ok, we allowed ourselves a last pun, sorry) with prevention training for its factors. Practical advice, such as not approaching the open gates, reaching out or engaging in a street with a dog alone.

Practical, but insufficient training. Three attacks have already taken place in the Eastern Pyrenees this year alone.

Did you see ?

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