Teacher infected junior high school Student infected infection grade year in charge of waiting at home 5:25 on July 12 Kobe

At a junior high school in Kobe, where a teacher was infected with the new coronavirus, a new infection was confirmed in one student. Kobe City has decided to put all students of the school year whose teachers are instructed to wait at home until the 17th of this month, as the top priority is to prevent outbreaks.

According to the city of Kobe, new infections with the new coronavirus were confirmed in teenage girls attending the Tarumi School in Kobe.

In this junior high school, infection of a male teacher was confirmed on the 4th of this month, and Kobe City performed PCR test on 70 people including students and faculty members in charge of homeroom teacher, and all of them were confirmed to be negative. Was restarting.

Under these circumstances, a girl student complained of malaise after leaving school on the 9th, and a new infection was confirmed on the 11th.

Since the female students were taking classes by this male teacher on the 3rd of this month, Kobe City has decided to give all the students of the academic year to which the male teachers are taking classes until the 17th of this month in order to give top priority to the prevention of mass infections. I decided to have him stay at home.

There are no other students complaining of poor physical condition, and no one in the school corresponds to a rich contact person, but for students and homeroom teachers in the same class as female students, we will carry out PCR tests in the future and wait for home this month. It was until the 23rd.

Kobe City says, "I want to completely eliminate the spread in the school by waiting at home. I want to take thorough measures to prevent the spread of infection."