On Saturday, July 11, TNT launched the reality show “Battle of Designers” with the finalist of the show “Marry Buzova” Valentin Korobkov as a presenter. Participants in the program are interior designers who are ready to demonstrate their professional skills to spectators and judges. 

In each issue, four participants will compete for the sympathy of customers, celebrities and design gurus. The episodes are divided into two stages, which allows you to evaluate the competitors' skills in different situations.

The primary task of the participants is the arrangement of a space of several square meters. The room is located in the pavilion, but it needs to be furnished as residential, for the needs of specific people. In the first issue, twelve-year-old twin sisters became clients of designers.

In reality, their room is much more television. But the ideas proposed by designers to the owners do not have to be used in the future: at this stage, the contestants are given the opportunity to express a sense of style, the ability to take into account the interests of the client and work in cramped circumstances.

Also, project participants need to meet deadlines: exactly eight hours are given for project preparation (and two of them are for the purchase of everything necessary). The budget is also strictly limited. All materials, furniture and decor are allocated only 70 thousand rubles. Each of the contestants is allocated two workers.

Already the first issue demonstrated what problems designers may face who are forced to work in a tight framework. For example, the novice designer Nina chose the wrong paint and was unable to realize some ideas. Her rival Innocent failed to negotiate with the workers. Performing other people's tasks, he received an industrial injury - a cut immediately, in place, was sealed with masking tape.

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The creations of the contestants are evaluated by clients, the chief designer of the project Maxim Oktyabryov and a guest celebrity (Denis Kosyakov, Polina Maximova, Anastasia Denisova and others took part in the filming of the current season). Each "rescues" one of the designers - thus, three go to the second stage.

Then the designers work in real housing. In the apartment of the Sergeyevs, they remodeled the rooms of twins, parents and the eldest son. This task also needs to be completed in record time - in just six days.

And at this stage, the heroes lurk all kinds of problems. For example, it brings technical equipment (electricity is turned off), suppliers break deadlines. It is necessary to monitor every second how workers follow instructions. Therefore, in addition to professional skills, designers will need stress resistance.

And again, participants who continue to participate in the program are chosen by the family and expert Oktyabryov. The finalists of this issue in the next program will meet with two newcomers and continue the struggle. The winner of the project will be determined by the results of five programs. He will receive the main prize - the place of the leading designer of the show.

The “Battle of Designers” is especially interesting because in one issue viewers can see the work of four heroes at once - each of them creates his own style and offers original ideas.

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In 2020, TNT also broadcast the reality show People Repair. In it, 12 designers remodeled apartments and fought for a cash prize of 1 million rubles.

Previously, the channel broadcast another project of a similar theme. In the School of Repair, 72 working hours were allotted for the transformation of housing - in this way the heroes of the program made a surprise to loved ones. The show was designed so that the audience could repeat this on their own. There was no competition element in this program.

The topic of repair, in principle, is not alien to Russian television. Over the years, the NTV program has been broadcast on NTV. As part of it, repairs are carried out in one room (or, for example, in the kitchen). Created, as a rule, one or two professionals.

A similar television program called “Perfect Repair” was aired on Channel One. It was dedicated to remaking the interior for celebrities. The heroes of the television show were Alexander Shirvindt, Nikolai Dobrynin, Nadezhda Babkina and other cultural figures. 

The alteration of the interiors of country houses is devoted to the NTV program "Country answer". And on the air of the Mir channel there is the Fazenda Life program, which tells not only about the repair and decoration of residential premises, but also about the improvement of summer cottages.