Saitama Prefecture confirmed infection of 35 new people to a total of 1428 people New Corona July 11 18:56

In Saitama prefecture, it was confirmed that 35 new people were infected with the new coronavirus on the 11th.

Saitama Prefecture announced that 28 new infections have been confirmed.

In addition, Saitama City announced that it was confirmed that three people, including female employees and male employees in their 20s and females in their 30s, were infected.

In addition, Koshigaya City also announced infections of three people, living in the city, men in their 20s and 30s who work for companies in Tokyo, and men in their 60s who work for companies in the prefecture.

In all cases, the route of infection is unknown.

In Kawaguchi City, infections in men in their 60s living in the city were confirmed, and the symptoms are stable.

The number of people infected with the new coronavirus announced in Saitama now stands at 1428.