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Air flights between Guyana and Mayotte, where the circulation of the coronavirus remains active, and the rest of the French territory are prohibited without exception, according to a decree published this Saturday in the Official Journal. The same prohibition in principle applies to communities in the Pacific, which have so far been relatively spared from the epidemic.

Thus “are prohibited, unless they are based on a compelling reason of a personal or family order, a health reason (…) or a professional reason (…), the movement of people by public air transport between, from on the one hand, Guyana, Mayotte, French Polynesia, New Caledonia or Wallis and Futuna and, on the other hand, any point in the territory of the Republic ”, has the decree.

The prolonged state of health emergency in Guyana and Mayotte

For flights from or to French Polynesia and New Caledonia, and "depending on local circumstances", the prefect concerned may, however, relax the measure, it is specified. French Polynesia, for example, has planned to abolish the quarantine imposed on new arrivals from July 15, to allow the resumption of international tourism.

The state of health emergency has been extended until October 30 in Guyana and Mayotte. The rest of the territory left Friday evening from this exceptional regime which had been in force since March 24. But possible restrictions on freedoms remain possible until the fall.

Our file on the coronavirus

Prime Minister Jean Castex is expected on Sunday in Guyana, a French territory in South America particularly affected by the coronavirus, for a one-day express visit focused mainly on health issues.


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