In 2002, Carla Bruni, who had just abandoned her modeling career to embrace that of singer, hit the headlines with her hit "Someone told me". Next fall, she will release a new album, of which she has released an extract with her song "Something". She tells on Europe 1 the proximity between these two titles, which 18 years separate.


Eighteen years ago, Carla Bruni successfully converted to music, thanks to her title Someone told me . Today, it is with Something  that the former model again intends to seduce the public. The singer has posted a short extract from her song, the first title of an album due to be released in the fall. Carla Bruni underlined in Culture Media, on Europe 1 the proximity between her two songs, the old and the new.

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"These are common expressions, which we say all day. And which both have the particularity of being at the same time very precise and very vague," she explained, about the titles of her two. songs. "'Someone told me', we understand that it is not the someone who counts, but what you have been told. So that ignores the person. 'Someone one said to me ', whoever told you, basically,' said the singer. "'Something' is the same. It's when you can't put the exact word on things."

The singer then entrusted Pascale Clarck with some elements of her working method. "I always write in my little office. I have a small room in my house. I'm lucky, so I can see my children, my boyfriend, the dog, the cat," she said. detailed. Before continuing: "I always try to write something. But sometimes nothing comes. And sometimes something comes. In this case, something came."