China News Agency, Nanchang, July 10 (Reporter Liu Zhankun) The China News Agency reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Emergency Management Office on the evening of the 9th that the 10,000-mu mu dike Zhongzhouxu in Poyang County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province suffered from super-standard floods More than 8,000 people have been transferred and no casualties have occurred.

  Since July, the Changjiang River Basin of Poyang Lake has suffered heavy rainfall and the water level of the Changjiang River has risen rapidly. On July 9, the water level of Zhongzhouxu in Poyang County reached 23.39 meters, exceeding the warning water level by 3.89 meters. The water level in the ancient county of Zhongzhouxuhehe reached 23.43 meters, exceeding the highest level in 1998 by 0.25 meters.

  Zhongzhouwei is a ten thousand mu levee, with 15 administrative villages under its jurisdiction. The levee line is 33.72 kilometers long. The levee protection area is 23.8 square kilometers. It protects 22,100 acres of arable land and protects 34,000 people. The design standard is once every ten years.

  Due to prolonged immersion, coupled with poor soil quality of the dike body and weak anti-seepage ability, Zhongzhouxu was taken away by a large amount of soil from the perforated water. The official report stated that despite the hard work, Zhongzhouxu finally broke the dike around 21:35 on the 9th.

  Jiangxi Provincial Emergency Management Department said that at present, Poyang County has invested more than 500 people to participate in emergency rescue. More than 8,000 people in areas with potential safety hazards have been transferred and properly resettled, with no casualties. The related disaster relief work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

  In view of the current severe flood control situation, the Jiangxi Provincial Emergency Management Department decided to start the flood control and disaster relief level I emergency response from 10:00 on July 10. (Finish)