China News Network client Beijing, July 10 (Reporter Shangguanyun) The online drama "The Secret Corner" has contributed to this summer's super high topic.

  After this online drama became a hit, the original novel "Bad Child" was also brought out of the circle and printed three times. It is worth noting that before this, a series of suspense dramas such as "Undocumented Crime" and "White Night Chasing the Murder" also brought exposure to the original novel.

  Is the popularity of movies and TV dramas and the attention of the original works driving the suspense of novels?

"The Secret Corner" poster

"Hidden Corner" with fire "Bad Child"

  "Secret Corner" is undoubtedly a phenomenal online drama in June this year. From the beginning to the end, people's discussion of it involves all aspects of human nature, family, society, and parent-child relationship. The line "climbing a mountain" has become a hot stalk.

  Along with the play, there is also the original novel "Bad Child" and the author Zi Jinchen. The publisher Fang Pu Rui Culture told reporters that since "The Secret Corner" was broadcast, "Bad Kids" has been printed three times in a row, and the pre-sale volume has increased significantly.

  There are also media reports that some bookstores welcome many readers to consult or purchase Zijin Chen's "Bad Children", "Undocumented Crime" and "Long Nights".

  "In recent years, the quality of movies and TV dramas adapted from domestic original suspense inference novels is basically good. This also reflects the creation level of the original novels to a certain extent, and naturally can arouse everyone's curiosity in reading." Some readers said.

"One stone stirs up thousands of waves"

  The process from "Hidden Corner" to "Bad Kid" is actually a bit familiar.

"Bad Child" book cover. Photo courtesy of Pu Rui Culture

  Some insiders have analyzed that "Langya Bang" is on fire, and the historical theme of resourceful game is popular again; when "Unlicensed Crime" is hot, the original work has also risen in popularity, and a large number of novels of this kind have emerged.

  In addition, a "Bai Ye Chasing the Murder" greatly stimulated the market's attention to the suspense inference books of the tough guys. In the opinion of the industry, this is the so-called "one stone provokes thousands of waves", and it also shows the influence of high-quality "head works".

  Liu Mingye, deputy editor-in-chief of Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House, believes that when analyzing this phenomenon, instead of discussing the plasticity of certain topics, it is better to focus on the unique value of "this one", including "Bad Kid" who recently debuted in C.

  "As long as the work reaches a certain level, unifying and highlighting the artistry, ideology, etc., it is easier to become a hotly discussed phenomenon. The author may wish to pay more attention to these aspects and write a readable novel." Liu Mingye said.

What kind of suspense inference novel is good-looking

  A novel can "stand up" without a clear character and a full story. The same is true for suspense inference novels.

  Zijin Chen believes that the most important factor for a good suspense inference novel is that it is good-looking, and the plot setting needs to be considered first, but with these two words, what can be done is already the "great god" in the circle.

Stills of "Forensic Qin Ming's Survivors"

  "Personal reading tastes are different, so it's hard to generalize. But from my previous experience as a judge, some creators' topics are not forward-looking. Many people will focus on conceiving various tricks and ignore the story. In fact As a genre novel, I always feel that everything serves the story. Telling a good story is the key." He said.

  Authenticity and professionalism will also add points to the work. Qin Ming, the original author of the "Forensic Qin Ming" series, is the first-line forensic doctor. He told reporters when he talked about "Forensic Qin Ming's Survivors", all of the cases were also derived from real cases.

  "The process of detecting a case is logical, there are no flaws, and the story rhythm is smooth and not procrastinating." Some netizens concluded that this is probably the reason why the original novel is also "suction powder".

When do suspense novels not worry about sales?

  In China, suspense novels actually have a relatively fixed readership. You can often see the works of Higashino Keigo and others on the market; the local suspense inference novels have been a little tepid before, and have changed in recent years. Zijin Chen, Remy, etc. The author's book is also very popular.

The book cover of the Crime of Undocumented. Photo courtesy of Pu Rui Culture

  "Suspense reasoning is always popular, especially for male readers. Its reading brings tension, and the experience of self-psychological cognition and intelligent challenge, it is a subversion and adjustment for ordinary ordinary life." Liu Mingye said.

  The popularity of a series of suspicious online dramas such as "The Secret Corner" has also objectively increased the exposure of the original work. So, with this wave of popularity, can suspenseful inference novels follow the trend?

  Liu Mingye feels that it is not so easy. "At present, readers and viewers are increasingly subdivided and refined. Each type and theme has theoretically a hot possibility. But overall, relative to reading needs, unique and high-quality There are still too few works."

  The uniqueness of "Bad Kids" is that it is "suspicious reasoning with high IQ" and its reflection on social problems. However, when a certain work is on fire, it is easy for everyone to keep up with it. The result of homogenization and crude manufacturing is to fall behind, and it is difficult to have good market feedback.

  From this perspective, when suspenseful inference novels can truly worry about sales, it may take time. (Finish)