Nishiura talks with Yamanaka “Awareness that community-acquired infection is beginning to spread” 16:48, July 10

Regarding countermeasures against new coronaviruses, Professor Hiroshi Nishiura of Hokkaido University Graduate School, who is a member of the national cluster countermeasures group, talked with Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University, and Professor Nishiura said, ``The situation in which we must reduce contact in society as a whole'' Or, it is approaching the watershed,” he stressed the need to take prompt measures to respond to the local infection situation.

The dialogue was planned in conjunction with an academic meeting held by the Japanese Circulation Society from 27th of this month, and Professor Nishiura exchanged opinions with Professor Yamanaka, a member of the government's Council of Experts.

The dialogue was recorded on 6th of this month, and Professor Nishiura may have been actively inspected for people involved in restaurants with entertainment as a background behind the increase in the number of infected people. On the other hand, he said, "There is data that seems to be spreading in the area behind the scenes," and he acknowledged that the infection is spreading in the city.

After that, he said, “If you wait too long for countermeasures, it may be too late, and you may have to reduce contact with society as a whole. I'm worried that we may be in a watershed now.” We emphasized the need to take immediate measures according to the infection situation.

In a dialogue, Professor Yamanaka pointed out that without measures in Japan, as many people as in the West could die, while Professor Nishiura, the fatality rate of infected people remains the same in Japan and Europe. I explained that the frequency of severe disease does not change.

And Professor Nishiura said, "I don't have very bright hopes from my pure scientific understanding. I will observe whether the virus is attenuated by repeating the epidemic."

In addition, he said, "In terms of baseball, the new coronavirus side is still attacking twice in the table," showing the recognition that multi-year measures are required while looking at the situation in each country.

This talk will be published on the website of the academic conference from 6 pm on the 10th to 9 am on the 13th.