Mr. Kawai, former Minister of Justice, and Mr. and Mrs. Election violation case: 3 million yen will be provided to Mr. Shizuka Kamei's secretary or July 11, 4:48

Katsuyuki Kawai, former Minister of Justice and his wife, Senator Kaori, in an election violation case, the secretary of former Minister of Construction Shizuka Kamei was included in 100 people who are supposed to be provided with cash I learned anew from the interview. It means that the prosecution's certified amount of money is 3 million yen, which is the highest among 100 people.

The former Justice Minister, Katsuyuki Kawai (57), distributed over 29 million yen to 100 people, including local legislators and executives from the supporters' association, over the House of Councilors election last year when his wife, Satoshi, 46, won the election for the first time. For this reason, on the 8th of this month, he was prosecuted for the acquisition of a violation of the Public Offices Election Law, and Senator Satari is also accused of distributing 1.7 million yen to five local members.

Among the 100 people who are to be provided with cash in this case, the secretary of former Construction Minister Shizuka Kamei, who had elected the 6th ward of the House of Representatives Hiroshima, was the largest amount provided by the prosecution was 3 million yen. I found out anew by interviewing the people concerned.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office has charged 6 more cash recipients than the charges for arrest, and Kamei's secretary is included in this.

Kawai's trial is to be conducted in a “100-day trial,” which is quickly tried to reach a decision within 100 days of prosecution, and future trials will draw attention.

The secretary told NHK that he would not speak anything.

According to the people involved, former Minister Kawai and Representative Kaori both denied the charges.