China News Service, Yiyang, July 10 (correspondent He You), who never returned home at night and was afraid of being beaten, the bear child laid a big lie to his father, and the father of the thief was "pitted". The Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Ziyang Public Security Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Yiyang City, Hunan Province recently successfully detected a theft case and seized the criminal suspect Gongmou (male, 31 years old, from the Ziyang District of Yiyang City).

  On the afternoon of July 6, Ziyang Express Police Automobile Road Police Station received an alarm. The public Gong found that the 11-year-old son who had not returned overnight had walked with a homeless man, suspecting that he had been abducted, and he joined the surrounding people to wander. Together, Han sent them to the police station of Qilu Road, and asked the public security organ to investigate and deal with them strictly according to law. After receiving the police, the sub-bureau attached great importance to it, and the criminal investigation brigade quickly took over the investigation.

  After questioning, the reason why the young man Gong bited that he had not returned home all night was because he was abducted by the homeless man, while the homeless man Ma Moumou said that he was very innocent, did not know the young man at all, and had no communication. The obvious contradiction between the two, who is lying?

  According to juvenile Gong Mou, his door was abducted by homeless language on July 5, and he continued to be active with him until his father was found near the Xiliuwan Bridge on the afternoon of July 6. The police checked the city monitoring and found that the trajectory of the youth's activities was completely inconsistent with the trajectory of their statements. Upon further observation, it was found that the look of the young Gongmou looked at Gongmou, and the police suddenly understood. Afterwards, the police patiently preached the law with patience, and moved to understand the truth, and finally dispelled the young Gong's concerns and told the truth.

  It turned out that the young Gongmou was playful by nature and went out to play alone until late at night, afraid of his father blaming the lesson, and dared not go home. He slept under the bridge hole of Xiliuwan for one night, and then played next day. After his father found that the child had not returned home all night, he went to the police station on the car road to call the police for help. The police reviewed the monitoring and found that he might be active in the Zijiang scenery belt. Gong searched and found the young Gong successfully in the afternoon. Seeing his father find it, the bear child who was afraid of being taught made a move and pushed his responsibility for staying up all night to a homeless man nearby, saying that he had been kidnapped by the other party. Gong Aizi was sincere and believed that the wanderer was sent to the public security organ on the spot.

  After the "misunderstanding" was lifted, Gong was preparing to take his son home, but Chen Peng, the criminal investigation police officer, stopped him. It turned out that on the evening of June 20, a car stolen property occurred in Yingchun South Road, Ziyang District, a citizen's car glass was smashed, and wedding rings, cash and other properties worth about 5,000 yuan stored in the car were missing. Fly away.

  After receiving the police, the criminal investigator Chen Peng and his colleagues quickly launched an investigation, and through the detection and monitoring, successfully locked the criminal suspect Gong. In the afternoon, when Gong took his son to send homeless men to the criminal investigation brigade, Chen Peng, who was working overtime in the team, recognized the "alarming the masses" at the first glance. It was Gong suspect, the suspect in the theft case he was going to arrest certain.

  On July 6, after examination, the criminal suspect Gong was detained by the public security organ in accordance with law for alleged theft. At present, the case is being further investigated. (Finish)